Mercedes driver doesn’t stop for police checking: Hyderabad cop shows gun to make driver stop [Video]

Police in our country manages to stay in the news almost every day. We have come across both positive and negative news reports about the police in our country. Mostly, the reports that we see in the news are negative things. Recently we have come across a video from Hyderabad where a cop is seen taking the service gun out to make a Mercedes-Benz driver stop for checking.

The video has been uploaded by Sach News on their YouTube channel. In this video from Hyderabad, the police were doing regular vehicle checking in a junction at night. There were multiple officers on duty. While junior officers were making the driver stop the vehicle for checking, seniors were ensuring that the papers are all clear and they were not driving under the influence of alcohol. While the officers were talking to one such driver, they here their subordinates shouting as a car was not stopping for checking. It was a Mercedes-Benz luxury car and the convertible had five people sitting in it.

The driver was trying to escape from the checking but, the officers managed to come in front of the vehicle to ensure that the driver stops. One of the officer who was talking to the driver of another vehicle suddenly walked toward the car and was asking the occupants to get out of the vehicle. The police officer was not sure if they would actually stop the car, so he took his gun out and asked the occupants to get out of the vehicle. The driver got out and so did the other occupants in the car. We are not sure why the cops were checking the vehicle but, in this video we see the officers checking the boot, interior of the car.

Mercedes driver doesn’t stop for police checking: Hyderabad cop shows gun to make driver stop [Video]

They car be seen talking to the occupants of the car as well. It looks like the car was let go after they inspected the vehicle and documents. The officer pulling out gun from his pocket for routine checking may look heroic in movies but, in real-life scenarios it is not the correct practice. After they let the Mercedes-Benz driver and occupants go, they continue with the routine checking and stop two-wheeler riders and cars. This time however without the gun. This is not the first time, we have heard about something like this in India. In 2019, we a video from Uttar Pradesh had surfaced online where police officials were pointing gun at civilians while stopping them for regular vehicle check.

As an explanation, Uttar Pradesh police said that the area from where the video had surfaced was crime prone and the officers had their guns out as a precaution because there have been incidents where criminals have shot officers while they were on duty. In this case also the officer might have taken the gun out as a precautionary measure but, we would still say that this was not the right behaviour by any means. This can actually be called as mental harassment. Police forces are entitled to use firearms during activities like vehicle check among others but only under special circumstances. This includes a state of curfew or any such condition due to which an official alert has been passed by the administration.