Bad roads: Mercedes owner uses bullock cart to reach office [Video]

Industrial areas are one of the most important regions of a state. Most of the factories, manufacturing units and godowns are located in these areas. Since a lot of heavy vehicles bring in raw materials and leave with the products. The constant movement of heavy vehicles often deteriorates the condition of the roads in such industrial areas. In Madhya Pradesh, industrialists are leaving their expensive high-end Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars to take bullock cart to reach their office. Here is a video of the incident that shows an industrialist on a bullock cart.

The incident happened in Pallada, near Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Industrialist and Pallada Industrial Organisation President, Pramod Jain was going to work after the lockdown lifted up in the city. However, he could not take his Mercedes-Benz sedan to work because of the extremely bad conditions of the roads. The industrialist had to leave the car midway and park it on the roadside. He then called for a bullock cart and used it to reach his office in the Pallada Industrial area.

Bad roads: Mercedes owner uses bullock cart to reach office [Video]

The video shows the road conditions to be extremely bad and not fit for most vehicles. The broken road with mud trails and potholes filled with water will cause any hatchback or sedan to get stuck.

The industrialist said on a video that most of the factory owners, officials and workers are facing immense problems to reach their workplace after the lockdown. Because of the long lockdown, no one came to the area and now that everything is open, most people are finding it difficult to reach the factories, offices and godowns. He also said that walking on such poor roads is impossible. He says that almost all the industrialists are reaching their factories and godowns after parking their cars quite far away from their destinations.

Pramod Jain claims that there are about 450 industries in the area and everyone is affected because of the bad roads. He has requested the authorities to improve the conditions of the roads to make it easier for the people to reach their work. Else, most of the industries will shut down. Connectivity of the industrial areas is very important since they constantly produce new products and need raw materials.

The industrialist can be seen parking his white coloured Mercedes-Benz sedan and taking the bullock cart on the broken roads. We are not sure about the distance between the parked vehicle and the office but it seems like a major inconvenience to reach a workplace like that.