MG Astor vs Kia Seltos in a classic drag race: Who will win?

The mid-size compact SUV segment is quite popular in India market. In the last couple of years several new models have entered in this segment increasing the competition. In 2019 Kia launched Seltos and since then it is having a successful run in the segment. One of the recent entrant into this segment is the MG Astor. It is so far the most advanced SUV in the segment. deliveries for MG Astor has already started and the SUV has also started reaching the dealerships. Here we have a small video where MG Astor and Kia Seltos compete against each other in a drag race.

The video has been uploaded by The Car Guide – Rishabh Arora on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger does a drag race between MG Astor and Kia Seltos and then checks the 0-100 kmph timing on both the SUVs. For this video, he chose the 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol variant in both Seltos and Astor. Both SUVs are available with CVT gearbox options and the same is used here as well.

Before starting the video, vlogger mentions the power figures of the SUV. Astor generates 110 Ps and 144 Nm of torque while the Seltos generates 115 Ps and 144 Nm of peak torque. Both SUVs were then lined up for the race and multiple rounds were done in order to get a clear picture of the winner. The race started and immediately Kia Seltos took the lead and maintained it throughout the race.

MG Astor vs Kia Seltos in a classic drag race: Who will win?

Even in the second round, the Astor was struggling to keep up with the Seltos. The vlogger was actually disappointed at the results. He said both SUVs had 5 Ps difference in power and that has made all the difference. MG Astor could not win the drag race in this case.

The vlogger then starts with the 0-100 kmph timing of these SUV. He starts by driving MG Astor. In first round the SUV is driven with traction control On and the in the second round the traction control is turned off. Vlogger drives the SUV and he has a tool to see the exact the speed of the car in his phone and is not relying on the speedometer and there are chances of error. The AC was turned off on both the SUVs for this purpose.  MG Astor took 16.8 seconds to reach 100 kmph and with traction control off the SUV took 15.2 seconds.

Next he took the Kia Seltos and instantly he felt the difference. In MG Astor the power delivery is linear and is not as quick as Seltos at lower revs. Astor only starts to perform post 4,000 RPMs as per the vlogger. The Seltos engine has enough enough punch even at lower RPMs which helped it win the drag race despite being slightly heavier.

The Kia Seltos also had two rounds. One with traction control On and the other with traction turned off. The SUV performed well and hit the 100 kmph mark in 13.2 kmph which is way more better than Astor. With traction control turnedd Off driver achieved the 0-100 kmph in just 12.1 seconds which is impressive.

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