MG Comet EV – India’s most affordable electric car – goes off-roading [Video]

MH has introduced the Comet EV, a compact urban mobility solution that is affordable, inexpensive to operate, and simple to drive and park. The Comet EV’s compact dimensions, distinctive two-door design, and minimalist yet tech-laden cabin have captured the public’s attention. However, driving this little electric vehicle on off-road terrain was not something that most people would have considered. A YouTube video posted by “Anubhav Chauhan” shows the Comet EV driven on a rocky uphill trail, and the results are surprising.

The trail appears to be a challenging one, and at first glance, it seems impossible to drive without a proper four-wheel-drive system and off-road tires. However, the Comet EV has a humble rear-wheel-drive system with an electric motor powering the rear wheels and small 145/80 R12 tires that are not ideal for off-road driving. Despite these challenges, the Comet EV starts its uphill off-road drive, which is full of stones, rocks, and loose sand.

The video shows that the Comet EV struggles at times to keep up the pace, with its rear tires getting stuck on rocks and sand. However, the driver expertly takes the vehicle out of such obstacles with precise throttle and steering inputs. After some distance, another person joins the driver inside the Comet EV to show how it fares with an additional load. The Comet EV manages to crawl over the obstacles, although not as smoothly as a thoroughbred SUV with a four-wheel-drive system.

It clears the obstacles

MG Comet EV – India’s most affordable electric car – goes off-roading [Video]

The presenter then demonstrates how the Comet EV fares with rear seat occupants accompanying the driver. In this scenario, the Comet EV fails to maintain its speed on the rocky incline, and the rear seat passengers need to exit the vehicle. This enables the driver to crawl the Comet EV up the hill more comfortably. After a few minutes of struggling, the Comet EV finally reaches the top of the off-road hill.

EV made to commute

MG Motors has said multiple times that the all-new Comet EV is not a car for people who are going to travel on the highways or long distances. It is the car for city commuters only and MG is targeting only such buyers.

While the MG Comet EV might have managed to climb its way up the off-road hill, it is recommended to use it strictly as an urban mobility solution for short-distance intra-city commutes. The 41.2 bhp electric motor and the 17.3 kWh battery pack claiming a range of 230 km make the Comet EV an excellent city car with affordable ownership and running costs.

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