MG Comet EV Pace base variant walk around shows all the features [Video]

The MG Comet EV is finally here and has impressed many with its diminutive size and easy drive which makes it an apt solution for short-distance urban mobility. The compact two-door electric car has been launched with a starting price of Rs 7.90 lakh and in three variants – Pace, Play and Plush. While many of us have seen only the top-spec Plush variant, which comes with all the bells and whistles, we have come across a video, which showcases the features and appearance of the base-spec Pace variant of the Comet EV.

A YouTube video from Anubhav Chauhan shows the base-spec Pace variant of MG Comet EV in detail, The video shows how the base variant of the Comet EV looks like, and what all the features it gets. At the front, the Pace variant misses out on all-LED headlamps and instead gets conventional halogen headlamps in the same shaped housings. Even the turn indicators positioned below the headlamps are all-halogen units. The long daytime running LED strip running across the width of the front profile below the huge windscreen is replaced here by a long chrome strip.

The side profile of the MG Comet EV Pace variant gets the same 12-inch tyres over steel wheels with black wheel caps as in the higher-spec variants. Here, the gloss-black rearview mirrors get chrome garnish and LED turn indicators integrated into them. While these mirrors are electrically adjustable, they can be folded manually, unlike the electrical foldability found in higher-spec variants. At the back too, the tail lamps miss out on LED inserts and are all-halogen units. The rear windscreen features an integrated antenna in it, though it misses out on the rear defogger.

What is missing?

MG Comet EV Pace base variant walk around shows all the features [Video]

The changes between the base-spec Pace variant and the higher Play and Plush variants become more evident when it comes to the interior. The Pace variant misses out on the touchscreen infotainment system offered in the higher-spec variants. Instead, it gets the infotainment system integrated into the full-TFT instrument console placed behind the two-spoke steering wheel. This console looks different from the twin-screen layout offered in the high-spec variants but displays all the necessary information, including the drive mode selected.

The cabin of the MG Comet EV Pace is finished in a dual-tone grey and white theme, with gloss black inserts at places. The other features of the cabin of the Comet EV Pace include a foldable rear seat, power windows, manual AC and steering-mounted audio and Bluetooth controls.

Powering the MG Comet EV Pace, and the other higher-spec variants, is a single electric motor, which produces 42 PS of power and 110 Nm of torque. The 17.3 kWh battery of the MG Comet EV offers a driving range of 230 km. The Comet EV Pace currently has an introductory price of Rs 7.90 lakh, which will increase once the sales of the Comet EV cross 5,000 units.

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