MG Comet fans troll Tata Tiago: Tata dealer responds

MG Motor India officially launched the new Comet in the Indian market recently. The new car replaced the Tiago EV as the most affordable electric car and then the fanboys started trolling each other. While advertisement war has been common in the past, this time, the fanboys took it on their own to troll each other.

MG Comet fans troll Tata Tiago: Tata dealer responds

It seems like MG or Tata fanboys started the internet battler after releasing a poster trolling the other vehicle. There are several posters of the MG Comet EV showing the Tata Tiago EV down by positioning it as an ICE car.

MG Comet fans troll Tata Tiago: Tata dealer responds

Since the Tiago EV is based on a petrol model, the MG fanboys have trolled the Tata hatchback to have its roots in an Internal Combustion Engine powered car. The MG Comet is based on a pure electric platform. MG fanboys have also trolled the Tata Tiago EV for not being “cool” among other things.

MG Comet fans troll Tata Tiago: Tata dealer responds

MG Comet fans troll Tata Tiago: Tata dealer responds

Meanwhile, a Tata Motors dealership had enough of it and shared a poster saying “Own a car, not a cartoon.” Following which, Tata Motors shared an official response on Twitter disapproving of the entire brouhaha.

“We have noticed that an image is under circulation on WhatsApp and several social media platforms, that showcases our vehicle and another OEM’s recently launched product in an distasteful manner. We have received several queries about it and take this opportunity to categorically affirm that this image is not created or distributed by us. We have also advised our channel partners to refrain from engaging with it in any manner. Tata Motors is governed by a robust code of conduct and follows ethical business practices.”

MG Motor India has denied sharing the images as well but there is no official statement from the brand at the moment.

Tata Motors has trolled Hyundai and Maruti in past

On Valentine’s Day, Tata Motors released a video that trolled the Altroz’s competitors, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno and the Hyundai i20. The video, which was uploaded to Tata Motors’ official YouTube channel, featured the Baleno and i20 hatchbacks covered in red wraps with their daytime running lights switched on. Tata Motors decided not to use the original names of the competitors, opting for “Bae-Leno” and “Hi 20” instead. In the video, the Altroz invited the other two vehicles for a “Crashdate.”

Later, Tata Altroz outsold the Hyundai i20. To celebrate this sales milestone, Tata utilized their social media platforms to target Hyundai.

It is not uncommon for manufacturers in international markets to take playful jabs at one another. For years now, European manufacturers, in particular, have publicly mocked each other on large billboards, and this healthy competition is considered a standard practice.

On many occasions, these same manufacturers will also send congratulatory posts to one another on social media platforms during important events. Maintaining a healthy level of competition generates significant interest among followers and draws out brand loyalists to support their chosen manufacturer.

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