MG Comet: What car buyers are saying about India’s most affordable electric car [Video]

MG Comet public reactions

The British motoring brand, MG India, recently launched its newest model, the all-electric car, MG Comet. The model is a small fully electric car aimed at city dwellers, and it seems to be garnering a lot of interest from buyers in the country. Recently, a YouTuber took an MG Comet, given by the brand for review, to public places and recorded the reactions of people who saw the car. From the video, we can note that, in general, most of the people who saw the car in person were impressed with its size, design, and quality.

The video of the public reactions to the MG Comet has been shared on YouTube by Her Garage on their channel. The video starts with the presenter introducing the car and mentioning that there was no plan to create this reaction video. Although she then adds that, as she was getting so many natural reactions from the public, she decided to make this video. Following this, the presenter starts driving the car on the public roads. The first interaction she has is with a few people sitting in different auto-rickshaws at a signal.

People can be seen giving her a thumbs up for the car, and one of the auto drivers, to whom she asks how the car is, replies that it is very good. He then proceeds to ask her the price of the car, to which she replies that, at the moment, the prices have not been revealed. At present, the prices of the Comet have been revealed, but it appears that when the video was made, the prices were not announced. MG has launched the new Comet with a starting price of Rs 7.98 lakh, and it was mentioned in the video in text.

Following this, she stops at another traffic signal, and another man can be seen admiring the car. He inquires about the details of the car, such as the company name, price, and range. The YouTuber answers all the questions. Another auto-rickshaw driver can be seen arriving at the signal, and he asks if the car has an air conditioner. The presenter answers, “Yes, it does.” Moving on, another person, whom she asks about the car, mentions that it is the size of the Tata Nano.

MG Comet: What car buyers are saying about India’s most affordable electric car [Video]

After this interaction, the presenter reaches in front of a corporate office or a five-star hotel, where a few guards can be seen noticing the vehicle. She then asks them about their opinions on the car, to which they answer that the car is very good looking and it will be very good for driving in cities like Delhi, where traffic is increasing. She then shows the car from the inside to the guards and allows them to sit in the vehicle.

She then asks about their thoughts on the interiors, to which they mention that they are also very good. She then asks them what car they drive, to which they reply, “Toyota Fortuner.” She also mentions that the guards told her that they also drive the Mercedes G Wagon, which the YouTuber shows off, standing at a distance, and states that if people driving Fortuners and G Wagons like this car, then it is definitely an impressive car.

Following this, she then goes to another public place where a lot of people gather to take a gander at the newly launched Comet. In this part, a lot more people ranging from office employees to young students, all can be seen admiring the compact size, modern exteriors, and interiors of the car. A lot of people mentioned that the car has a very good dashboard layout and looks futuristic, minimalistic, and functional. People also test the rear seats of the car and mention that the space is ample in the rear and the front as well. Overall, almost everyone who saw the car was impressed by the MG Comet.