Watch MG eZS electric SUV getting built in India before launch in December

MG Motors will soon officially announce the price of their first-ever product – MG Hector in India. The bookings for the MG Hector are already open online and offline at a payment of Rs 50,000. MG Motors has officially announced the launch of its second product in the Indian market, which will be an all-electric SUV – MG eZS. MG has announced that the pure electric SUV will be manufactured at the Halol plant in Gujarat and also released a video of the manufacturing of the prototype vehicle at the plant by the Indian employees.

The MG eZS will become the first ever global SUV that will be locally produced in India. The powertrain details of the all-new car are not known yet but it is likely to be powered by a 52.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that will have enough juice to get the vehicle going for 400 km range on a single full charge. Internationally, the battery pack is already in use in various cars by SAIC and takes about 8 hours to charge completely with a regular charger. It may also get a quick charging option, which will bring down the overall charging time by a great deal.

 Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India said,

“The MG eZS, as one of the first locally-produced global EVs, will mark a new chapter in the environment-friendly mobility in India. We are delighted to be one of the first carmakers to enter this space and aim to bring accessible electric motoring to Indian customers upon the introduction of MG eZS by the end of this year,”

The all-electric car will get many modern features. It will also get the connected infotainment system, similar to the MG Hector with OTA updates for the car. In the MG eZS, the OTA updates are expected to be more comprehensive and it will also be able to change the range of the car and more like the Tesla vehicles. However, the exact details are not known yet.

The MG eZS has already been spotted testing on the Indian roads. It will not have a direct competitor in the market but it takes the Hyundai Kona all-electric vehicle that will launch in the Indian market soon. It should be noted that the Kona will be launched in the Indian market as a full CBU, which translates into an entry-level price of around Rs 22-25 lakh. Whereas the eZS will be made in India and MG Motors is targeting a localisation level of 75%, which will keep the price very competitive and affordable.

Watch MG eZS electric SUV getting built in India before launch in December

MG has also announced the launch of the Toyota Fortuner-rival in the Indian market next year. The manufacturer will bring in a slew of SUVs in the coming times to set a proper base and strong product line-up in India.

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