MG Gloster luxury SUV is now a part of Ambani security convoy

Regular readers must be aware of the new car addition of the Ambani family in 2021. The richest family in India have some of the most expensive and exquisite cars and SUVs that they use regularly to drive around. However, since the Ambani family also faces a security threat, they use the Z+ security protection, which is the highest level of protection for any civilian in India.

When the Ambani family got the Z+ security cover a few years ago, it was a simple affair involving the Mahindra Scorpio and Maruti Suzuki Gypsy SUVs. But that has changed in a big way over the years. The Ambani family bought a few BMW X5 SUVs so that the security guards, CRPF and the cops can travel in them forming a convoy.

The latest addition to Ambani’s security convoy is an MG Gloster. The flagship SUV – the Gloster has now joined the convoy officially and just like all other security cars that are a part of the Ambani convoy, the Gloster gets a full body decal, security safety strobe lights and siren. The Gloster was recently spotted in the convoy too.

In fact, the new video by CS 12 Vlogs shows that the MG Gloster was leading the convoy followed by the Land Rover Range Rover. The Gloster gets a Mumbai Police decal on the sides and the video also shows Mumbai Police personnel sitting inside the vehicle.

MG Gloster security car

MG Gloster luxury SUV is now a part of Ambani security convoy

We are not sure if the state has provided the MG Gloster to the police or the vehicle belongs to the Ambani family. Major speculation happened when the BMW X5 SUVs became part of the Ambani convoy a few years ago. The BMW X5 SUVs had CISF logos on the side. CISF provides the security cover to the family and it turned out that the vehicles were bought by the Ambanis for the use of the security personnel.

It is quite possible that the Ambanis gave the MG Gloster to the Mumbai Police personnel who are deployed to keep the family safe. While the Ambani family or any of the security agencies gave any clarification on the use of the high-end luxury cars, a few people have claimed that the cars were upgraded so that the security can keep up with the high-end vehicles used by the family.

India’s most expensive security cars

The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue is the most expensive vehicle in the Ambani’s security detail and there are quite a few of them. The Ambani convoy already had a few Range Rovers but they were unmarked. It seems that they are converting these cars with strobe lights and police stickers to be more authoritative on the public roads.

The Ambani convoy also uses a slew of Land Rover Discovery Sport SUVs. The capable SUVs are marked with police stickers and strobe lights. The exact number of the Discovery Sport SUVs in the convoy is not known but we have spotted at least five different ones.