MG Gloster luxury SUV officially unveiled: Offers many more features than Toyota Fortuner

MG Motor India has officially unveiled the all-new Gloster, which will become the brand’s flagship product in India. The all-new SUV will be launched next month in the Indian market but before that, prospective customers can book the vehicle after paying the booking amount of Rs 1 lakh. The vehicle can be booked online or at the MG authorised dealerships.

The all-new MG Gloster was first showcased at the 2020 Auto Expo but the interior was not revealed. The vehicle is one of the biggest SUVs on the Indian roads with 5-metres of length. It is even larger than the likes of the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour.

Just like all other vehicles from MG Motor India, the Gloster will come loaded with features to the brim. The Gloster comes with a large grille at the front-end and sleek LED headlamps with LED DRL. The SUV sure looks like an intimidating vehicle on the roads and catches a lot of attention, especially because of its size. It gets a ground clearance of 210mm and rides of massive 19.0-inch wheels.

Even the cabin is extremely luxurious and offers a lot of features. The car will offer the segment-first ADAS features or Advanced Driving Assistance System that will come with various different aids. MG has already revealed through various video teasers that the all-new Gloster will offer Level-1 autonomous driving capabilities. The car will be able to park itself automatically with only accelerator and brake feed from the driver. Also, advanced features like adaptive cruise control, front collision warning system, blind-spot detection system, lane-departure system and automatic emergency braking system will be available with the massive SUV.

MG Gloster luxury SUV officially unveiled: Offers many more features than Toyota Fortuner

Other than that, MG will also offer 64 colours ambient lighting system, 12.3-inch HD touchscreen, 12-speakers, 8.0-inch instrument cluster, driver seat massage, diamond-style stitching on seats, all-LED cabin lights, three-zone climate control system, 12-way adjustable driver seat with 2 memory function, captain seats in the middle row, panoramic sunroof, a fatigue reminder system, heat ventilated front seats, iSmart system with voice commands.

The Gloster will come powered by a 2.0-litre twin-turbocharged diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 218 Bhp and peak torque of 480 Nm of peak torque. The diesel engine option will offer 8-speed ZF automatic transmission as an only option. MG will also offer an on-demand 4WD system with the rear differential. It gets various modes too. There is an auto mode that provides power to all the wheels depending on the situation. It also gets rollover mitigation that applies the brakes to individual wheels automatically when it senses that the vehicle is starting to roll over.

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