MG Hector with 18-inch aftermarket rims looks gorgeous

MG Hector was launched in the Indian market last years and it gained popularity in the market instantly. The all-new MG Hector takes on the likes of Mahindra XUV500 and is priced very competitively in the market. It also looks very imposing on the roads and with subtle modification, it sure can steal the show. Here is an MG Hector that gets aftermarket alloy wheels and the car looks majestic overall.

The pictures were put up by Gunner on T-BHP forum. The images show a black MG Hector with aftermarket 18-inch, 5-spoke steel rims that look extremely good on the car. The steel coloured alloys look extremely good on the car and matches with the other chrome parts like the front grille, headlamp surrounds and the side steps. It is the minimalistic change and makes the car look very different and much more elegant from the stock version.

The MG Hector comes with a set of 17-inch alloy wheels with the higher-end variants. The larger wheels beautifully fill up the wheel arches and make the car look aggressive. The aftermarket alloy wheels are the only change in this car and it looks very different from any other Hector on the road.

However, one should keep in mind that changing the tyre size can negatively impact the suspension and affect the ride quality. Always follow the upsizing rules while changing the size of the tyres. Also, different wheel size mean thinner sidewalls, which increases the chances of tyre bursts on the Indian roads. Since there are a lot of potholes, thinner sidewalls can crack up easily.

The MG Hector was launched in the Indian market last year and it is currently the best-selling car in the segment with a long period too. It offers a long list of features including a massive 10.25-inch vertically mounted infotainment system. This system is connected to the Internet through an eSIM and allows the driver to control the features through voice commands. There are more than 100 features that can be controlled through voice in the Hector. Moreover, the Hector also comes with a massive panoramic sunroof, a 360-degree camera that can be used to park the car in tight places and many more such features.

MG showcased the Hector Plus at the 2020 Auto Expo. It will be a six-seater three-row version of the Hector that will be launched later this year. The MG Hector was the first car from the manufacturer and currently, it also offers the MG ZS EV in the market.