Potential Hector buyer encounters Toyota U-trust showroom by chance, ends up buying used Fortuner

Toyota has one of the highest resale value in the Indian market and there are many good reasons for that. One of them is the brand value of Toyota and highly reliable Toyota engines that can do lakhs of kilometres without much of a problem. There are many who prefer buying used Toyota vehicles over new cars and here is one such person who bought a used Toyota Fortuner after having serious thoughts on buying the MG Hector. Here is why.

The owner of this second-hand Toyota Fortuner explains that they never wanted to buy a used car and the plan was to buy a brand-new MG Hector. However, MG stopped accepting the bookings for the Hector due to the overwhelming response last year. The family started exploring other options and their initial plan was to get a petrol-automatic SUV. After the MG showroom, the family explored other options like the Tata Harrier, which they rejected because there was no automatic transmission available with the Harrier last year.

While coming back home, the owner says that following Google Maps, they used the alternate route due to the heavy traffic. That’s when they spotted the Toyota U-Trust showroom. The Toyota U-Trust showrooms sell certified used cars that are thoroughly checked. The family then entered the showroom just to check out the vehicles parked there. They told the Toyota showroom officials about their requirements and they showed the Fortuner diesel-automatic.


This car belongs to the iconic cricketer Madan Lal. The owner says that he did not find any negatives in the vehicle yet and he has owned it for about a year. He has also completed a total of 8,000 kms in one year. This vehicle has already done a total of 1.3 lakh km on the odometer, which may seem quite high but it is powered by the D-4D engine, which is one of the most reliable engines in the world. The owner does mention that they did not check the service records of the vehicle when they were buying it and that’s something that every used car buyer should do. The owner also says that he finds the mileage to be little less than the new cars. This vehicle is 6 years old and he bought it for Rs 15 lakh.

The owner also says that the customers going for cars – new or old, should first set the priorities right. If they want a big, full-size SUV in 15-20 lakhs, the used cars should be the choice and if they want higher mileage and the “new car” feeling, then vehicles like Hyundai Creta, Kia Sonet and MG Hector will do the job well.

The person also mentions that the Toyota service and maintenance is not very cheap but is better than Volkswagen. The person also owns a Volkswagen Polo. The car also gets a Tesla-type infotainment system for the Fortuner. Overall, he says that he is very happy and satisfied with the Fortuner.

Shantonil Nag

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