MG Hector SUV tastefully modified with a ‘chrome delete’

The Hector was the first SUV from MG Motors. It helped MG Motors to establish its brand in India. Hector is the most selling product for the manufacturer. In October 3,625 units of Hectors were sold. For a new manufacturer, this is a decent number.

Not many people decide to customize their Hectors as it is mostly bought by mature buyers who just want a comfortable SUV, which can fulfil their needs while also working as a status symbol. You can see a lot of modified Hyundai Creta’s and some people have even modified their Kia Seltos.

However, here we have an MG Hector, whose owner has decided to delete the chrome bits from the bodywork. The process is known as chrome delete and it is quite famous in the international markets. Some people don’t like the way chrome is used in a vehicle. It is a bit too shiny and attracts a lot of attention on the road. Some people want their vehicles to have an understated and stealthy look which the Hector here delivers outstandingly.

MG Hector SUV tastefully modified with a ‘chrome delete’

From the video, it seems that the shop has done a good job as the finishing of the blacked-out parts is quite nice. Steam and Shine Auto Spa has wrapped the roof rails in gloss black which are usually finished in brushed silver. The skid plates are also finished in matte black which also come brushed silver in the stock Hector. We assume that gloss black was not used for the skid plates because skid plates could get scratched and chipped easily from the small stones and rocks when you are driving on rough roads.

The side chrome trim that runs around the window line is also now finished in Black. However, the biggest change that you would notice is the front of the SUV because the Hector uses a lot of chrome around the fog lamp surrounds and grille. The surrounds around the grille and the foglamps have also been turned to Black due to which the Hector looks a lot more aggressive than the stock one. Also, the side plastic moulding that runs all around the side profile is also being repainted to match the Aurora Silver paint job of the Hector.

The people who worked on the Hector is Steam and Shine Auto Spa. They are located near MG Road, New Delhi and they have posted this video on their YouTube channel. You can get in touch with them at 8750001117 to book an appointment for your car. They have done a good job of enhancing the appeal and stance of the MG Hector. Personally, we think that the chrome delete on the MG Hector looks more attractive than the stock one.

The Hector is currently the cheapest vehicle from the stable of MG Motors. It starts from Rs. 12.83 lakhs ex-showroom. It competes with the likes of Toyota Innova Crysta, Jeep Compass, Tata Harrier and Kia Seltos.


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