MG Hector Hybrid SUV’s ‘pure city fuel economy’ revealed on video

We have been doing these fuel economy runs on various MG Hector models and have achieved positive results when it comes to “kitna deti hai”. For example, the diesel Hector gave us over 24 kmpl during our standard highway run [READ] while the Hector DCT ended up delivering over 14 kmpl in mixed driving usage [VIEW]. This time around, we had the petrol Hybrid version with us and decided to subject it to a gruelling city run. How much did it deliver? Click the play button on the video below.

The MG Hector Hybrid comes with a 48V motor set-up that ends up assisting the 1.5-litre petrol unit. So while the power figures remain same as the non-hybrid model, the 48V set-up ends up giving an extra 20Nm push when required. This also means the load on the engine goes down, thereby increasing its efficiency. This is also why the Hybrid Hector has an ARAI rated economy of 15.8 kmpl as compared to 14.1 kmpl for the non-hybrid model.

Img 20190925 100208

Our plan was to drive the MG Hector Hybrid in the limits of Delhi NCR and why not. A hybrid car ends up delivering its best in slow moving and start-stop traffic. Why? Whenever you lift off the right pedal and start deacclerating, the hybrid set-up uses this to regenerate the batteries which in turn power the motor. So this is as good as free energy here. The same batteries come to the rescue when you need assist in slow moving traffic, thereby taking load off the engine. Not only this, at lower engine revs, the extra 20Nm push also means turbo lag is well hidden and you end up gaining momemtum immediately.

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We drove the car for just over 120 km inside Delhi NCR, driving from one corner of the town (Noida) to the other (Manesar) and then exploring the heart of town at India Gate and Connaught Place. As is the case with our previous fuel economy runs, we always conduct a tankful to tankful method to ensure the error is as low as possible. During fill up, the Hector Hybrid took in 9.76 lites of petrol which translates into a genuine fuel economy of 12.3 kmpl.

Given the weight and size of the vehicle, a figure of 12.3 kmpl in city driving conditions is definately very impressive. The reason for this, as mentioned above, is the hybrid set-up. For the conventional petrol Hector, the same figure will drop by about 10%. Did we just shatter all myths and rumours associated with the fuel economy of the Hector models? Oh yes!