MG Hector after 11,000 Kms: Long term review [Video]

2019 was an year that witnessed the launch of many vehicles in the Indian market. Apart from the existing ones, new brands also made their debut last year. One was MG Motors and the other was Kia. MG was the first one to launch their product in the from of Hector mid-size SUV. Hector became a huge success in the market and the long waiting periods on the vehicle itself speak for the popularity. MG Hector is a common sight on our roads now. We had done a detailed review of Hector when it was launched but, how does the Hector feel from a owner’s perspective. That is what we have here in this video today.

The video has been uploaded by Amit Dwivedi-Power On Wheel channel where he talks about all the reasons why you should or should not buy the MG Hector. The vehicle in the video has done approximately 11,000 kms on the odo which is apt to find out how is the car performing.

The video starts by talking about some negative videos that had surfaced on the internet against Hector regarding the technical issues and so on. He says this is quite normal as the Hector that are currently being sold are from the first production batch and there is a possibility that some of the models might have encountered some issues. He also suggests that the best way to tackle those issues is by taking the car to the dealership or by getting in touch with the manufacturer.

MG Hector after 11,000 Kms: Long term review [Video]

Build quality of the Hector is a positive, be it the exterior or the interior. The video mentions specifically that even after 11,000 kms on the odo, not even a single part is broken or out of its place. Video then shows MG’s voice assistant and working of the Tesla like huge touchscreen infotainment system. Hector continues to offer a comfortable ride and the automatic gearbox comes in handy at heavy traffic situations.

Then comes the main part that Indians are most concerned about, ‘fuel efficiency’. In this video anchor is seen driving the 1.5L turbo petrol engine mated to a DCT gearbox. He says that Hector manages to give him a fuel efficiency of around 8 kmpl in bumper to bumper traffic situations. This is again as per the reading from the driver info display. So if u are planning to buy a Hector for mileage then diesel variant is the better option. The DCT’s are never known for returning good fuel efficiency.

We had conducted fuel economy tests for all the models of the Hector in the past and if you want to check how did it perform then here it is. The Hector diesel fuel economy test, Hector petrol hybrid fuel economy test, Hector petrol DCT fuel economy test.