MG Hector goes off roading: How much can it handle? [Video]

MG Motors made their debut in the Indian market with Hector SUV last year. The response from the customers was overwhelming and Hector quickly became popular in the country. It became famous for reasons like premium looks, spacious interiors and feature loaded cabin and of course the price. It is now a very commonly spotted SUV on our roads.  We have seen several videos of MG Hector being driven on different terrains and here we have one such video where Hector is driven across a variety of terrains off-the road.

The video has been uploaded by Car Wali Baat on their YouTube channel. The video shows how MG Hector behaves in different terrains. The Hector by no means is a true-blue SUV. It does not get AWD or 4WD even as options. The video is actually a compilation of videos from different vlogs showing Hector doing a bit of off-roading. The first video shows a Hector that crosses a river. Hector is seen doing it effortlessly. The Hector is also seen driven through a very rock section where there are no proper roads. We have often seen vloggers testing the capabilities of their 2WD SUVs over rough roads, rocky terrain and even rover crossings. Most of the time, vehicles such as the Hyundai Creta and Tata Harrier pull those off easily, and here we see Hector doing the same.

In both clips, the Hector is seems to do the task without putting too much stress on the vehicle. The main reason behind it is that Hector has ample ground clearance. It can easily move over small rocks and cross river sections without hitting the bottom. Although video shows that Hector can handle a fair bit of off-roading, we would not recommend doing that. One of the common things that you would notice in these videos is that they did not have a back up vehicle. This is a bit risky, as there are chances of the vehicle getting stuck and towing may be required. However, it is quite possible that the vloggers are quite familiar with the river and rocky terrain, and know exactly what could get them into trouble. Do not attempt any of this on your own though.

One of the main issue with driving a front wheel drive SUV or crossover into such terrains is that it might get stuck. In such a situation, if you don’t have a back-up vehicle, then you would be in lot of trouble. Other thing to be noted while crossing rivers or slushy sections is to measure the depth of the pit. If you are not sure about it, then it is better not to enter it. There is a possibility that water might get into the engine of the car get hydro-locked or fry the ECU and getting it repaired will be an expensive affair.

October 2020 saw the MG Hector selling in even larger numbers, and the company sold 3,623 units of the vehicle during the month. This is 50% higher sales than Hector’s sales in the month of September. In September, MG Motor sold 2410 units of the Hector. MG’s sole electric vehicle, the MG ZS EV crossover, sold 125 units in October. The company recently introduced its Gloster flagship SUV which is positioned against the Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra Alturas.