MG Hector ownership review after 7,000 kms [Video]

MG Motors entered Indian market last year with an SUV that is one of the popular segment in India. MG Hector competes with cars like Kia Seltos, Tata Harrier, Mahindra XUV500 etc in the segment. MG Hector became popular among buyers within a very short span of time and the major reason behind that was the way it looked and the features it offered. It became the first car in the segment to get connected services. The car has been around for a while now and people have coming up with suggestions on their overall experience of buying the Hector. Here we have a similar video where the owner of the car is discussing the things that he liked and dislike in the car.

The video has been uploaded by SMK World on thier youtube channel. According to the video, the Hector has already done around 7,000 kms on the odometer which is apt for the owner to share the experience with the car so far. One of the USP’s of the Hector was the feeatures that it offered and the space on the inside. The owner says on video that his first preference was Harrier but as it was missiong some features like sunroof at that time it chose Hector.

Owner of this car does long drives on this car very often and is pretty impressed with the space it offers on the inside for rear seat passengers and in boot as well. one can easily carry lots of luggage for a long drive, if needed. Fit and finish of the car is up to the mark and nothing has started coming off. Next is the fuel economy part. Hector is the video has a diesel engine and according to the owner the car is delivering 15 kmpl on highways and a maximum of 10 kmpl in the city.

MG Hector ownership review after 7,000 kms [Video]

In the video he also points out a couple of things that he did not like about the car. First was the lag in the touchscreen infotainment screen. According to him the voice assistant does not respond at times and the touch screen also responds very lately at times. Another thing was the gear shift quality. It does not feel smooth in comparison to the other cars in the segment. Apart from these two things the owner likes every other thing about the car and is 95 percent satisfied with the car. He also says that he will definitely recommend MG Hector to people who are considering it as an option.

MG will soon be launching MG Hector Plus which is a 6-seater version of Hector, MG G10 MPV and their full size Gloster which is rebadged Maxus D90 in the Indian market soon.