MG Hector Petrol catches fire: Owner upset with onlookers who shot video instead of helping

While the MG Hector is one of the most feature-packed and promising SUVs one can buy. Even today, the Hector remains one of the first choices in the market for customers buying the mid-size SUV. But here is one horrific instance that happened recently, in which an MG Hector caught fire in the open. Thankfully, the occupants in the SUV at the time of this incident escaped unhurt.

The recent ordeal has been shared by a Twitter user named Pradeepa Rao, who shared a few pictures and a video of her black-coloured MG Hector petrol automatic catching fire out in the open. According to Pradeepa, she, her friend and her pet were in the SUV. However, while Pradeepa was driving the SUV, it stopped abruptly, after which she noticed smoke coming out of its bonnet of Hector. Showing promptness in this situation, the car owner, her friend and her pet came out of the vehicle. Within 15 minutes, the MG Hector burnt to ashes, leaving behind a completely charred-out vehicle.

The owner does not know the reason

Responding to one of the comments on her Twitter post, Pradeepa stated that she has no idea about the actual reason for the fire breaking out in the Hector. She said that the vehicle stopped abruptly on its own in the middle of her drive and suddenly caught fire. In her Twitter post, Pradeepa also called out the insensitiveness and negligence of people who came to the incident spot, but instead of helping them, they began to record the entire incident of the Hector catching fire on their smartphones.

Such onlookers are widespread in India and we have seen in many instances that people tend to enjoy such sights and make videos instead of coming forward and helping. However, there have been times when people lend an extra helping hand as well. We urge motorists and other onlookers to always be active and helpful in such situations.

MG Hector Petrol catches fire: Owner upset with onlookers who shot video instead of helping

This can happen with any car

Such incidents have happened with any car due to many problems. This might include unauthorised aftermarket accessories installed by the owner. We reached out to MG Motor for a statement but the manufacturer is yet to hear from the customer and has detailed feedback on the vehicle. Once the details come in, we will update the story accordingly. Fire incidents can be prevented largely by using authorised parts and accessories in the vehicles. That is why you should always keep a portable fire extinguisher in your car to make sure that you can bring such incidents under control as soon as they happen.

MG recently updated the Hector with a comprehensively-changed front design and interior layout, in addition to a few new features on board. The 2023 MG Hector is now available with a 1.5-litre turbocharged 143 PS petrol engine with 6-speed manual and CVT gearbox options and a 2.0-litre 170 PS diesel engine with a standard 6-speed manual gearbox.