MG Hector Petrol Dual Clutch Automatic: What’s the best mileage you can squeeze out of it [Video]

Few days ago we had the MG Hector diesel with us and we did a fuel economy test with the same on the Taj Expressway for approximately 180 Km. In that test MG Hector surprisingly returned a fuel economy of 24.3 kilometers to a litre [READ]. This result got us excited and we thought of conducting another fuel economy test, but this time around we had the the Petrol DCT with us and instead of taking the regular route of Taj Expressway, we decided to go out for a road trip to Jaipur and back to Delhi the next day itself. How did the test go? Well lets take a look at the video first.

The MG Hector Petrol is equipped with a 1.5 Litre engine that produces 143 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque. We have done numerous fuel economy tests in the past, but this one was different. Our plan was to start from the heart of Delhi, negotiate traffic towards the busy NH8 and reach Jaipur before sunset. The location for witnessing this view would be the famous Nahargarh Fort that is situated on top of a hill overlooking the pink city. The next day, we would return back to Delhi thus subjecting the Hector DCT to a real world fuel economy test.

5mg Hector Dct

Normally during our typical fuel economy tests, we keep the speed of the car limited to 80 kmph and the air-con is set at 26 degrees celsius. This time though, there was no set limit for the use of air-con and we did not restrict the speed to 80 on our way. We wanted see how much can the Hector Petrol DCT return in a real life condition. In case you are wondering what is the ARAI figure for Hector DCT, then it is 13.96 kmpl

The journey started from Delhi and surprisingly even in the afternoon, we got heavy traffic on the roads of Delhi and this affected the fuel economy of the Hector DCT. The display showed us a fuel economy of 12.8 at the beginning and it kept on fluctuating until we crossed the Gurgaon and Manesar. In the video above, you can see us negotiating through traffic at multiple places, include toll booths.

2mg Hector Dct

Later the roads opened up a bit and we started maintaining a speed of 85-90 kmph, even 100 kmph at times. a Couple of hours later we reached Rajasthan and because of the high speed cruising on the highway,  fuel efficiency got compromised. The display was now showing a fuel efficiency of 12.3 kmpl.

We reached Jaipur, and started going uphill towards Nahargarh Fort to catch the beautiful sunset over the pink city. The next day we started early for Delhi in order to avoid the rush hour traffic. On our way back we started getting good signs as the economy kept on increasing. the displayed economy showed us economy figures close to 15 kmpl.

1mg Hector Dct

In two days we covered a total distance of 513 kms between Delhi-Jaipur-Delhi, before refuelling the Hector DCT – the display at the time showed an economy of 14.2 kmpl. Just like all our fuel economy tests we did the tankful to tankful method here as well. The Hector DCT took in a total of 36.04 litres of petrol. Simple calculation show the actual fuel economy figure as 14.23 kmpl. So, this is how the MG Hector Petrol DCT performs in a real world condition. It is commendable for a vehicle like Hector which is heavy and that too with an automatic transmission to come up with such brilliant fuel efficiency figures.