MG Hector Plus with seven seats spotted before official launch

MG Hector, the first car from the brand in the Indian market has become extremely popular in the market. Currently, the MG Hector is only available in a 5-seater version and yet it is quite popular in the market. MG Motors is currently working on bringing in the 7-seater version of the vehicle that is expected to be launched in the Indian market later this year. The vehicle has already been spotted testing on the Indian roads under camouflage and here are all the details that you want to know about it.

MG Hector Plus with seven seats spotted before official launch

The upcoming 7-seater version of the MG Hector is likely to get the name MG Hector Plus. Gagan Choudhary has spotted the upcoming vehicle testing the roads and the pictures also show the cabin and the pilot seats.

Currently, the MG Hector gets two rows of seats. The rear seats are bench seats that can seat up to three people. However, the upcoming seven-seater Hector Plus that has been caught testing on the roads gets pilot seats instead of the bench seats in the middle. It should be noted that the upcoming vehicle also gets a third row of seats that will be enough for two people. The pictures do not have the third-row seating though. We believe that the seats are not put in for testing purposes. However, the seatbelts meant for the last row passengers are clearly visible in the pictures.

The MG Hector Plus will be more expensive than the Hector. Also, MG will tweak the exterior to make sure that the upcoming vehicle looks distinctively different from the current model. That is why the model is heavily camouflaged. The upcoming MG Hector Plus may get updates like new split headlamps, a different front grille and updated bumpers with new foglamp housings. The changes are not expected to be extreme but they will be enough to make the Hector Plus look different from the Hector. The rear-end of the vehicle is also expected to get a few changes but the side profile will remain similar. MG may put new alloy wheels to add a different look.

MG Hector Plus with seven seats spotted before official launch

MG Motors may update the interior to add a more premium feel and look to the vehicle but it is not confirmed yet. The brand may continue to offer identical cabin and offer a similar list of features too.

Mechanically, the upcoming MG Hector Plus will get powered by the same engine options. Currently, the Hector gets two engine options – 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol and a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine. Both will feature in the upcoming Hector Plus. It should be noted that MG will introduce the Maxus SUV in India that is expected to get a new 2.0-litre diesel engine that has been developed in-house. That very same engine is expected to be available with the Hector and the Hector Plus in the future.