MG Motors MG4 EV hatchback confirmed for 2023 Auto Expo

MG intends to make its second presence in the Auto Expo grander than before, by showcasing the all-electric version of the MG4 hatchback sold overseas. The MG4 EV will take the centre stage at MG’s display area at the Auto Expo 2023, which will also be a stage for a range of SUVs and other electric concepts by the brand. MG participated for the first time in the Auto Expo in 2020, in which it showcased a range of products, such as Hector Plus, Astor, Marvel EV concept and Gloster.

MG Motors MG4 EV hatchback confirmed for 2023 Auto Expo

The MG4 all-electric hatchback is already available in many global markets, especially in Europe. While MG has confirmed that the all-electric hatchback will be on display at the Auto Expo, it is not in the immediate launch plans by the brand. However, MG will be evaluating the public response towards the electric hatchback, and if needed, will launch it in India, though not in 2023.

The MG4 EV is one of the first born-electric production cars from MG, which is based on the parent company’s SAIC modular scalable platform. The MG4 is a proper four-door hatchback, which measures 4,287mm long and has a wheelbase of 2,705mm, thus making it larger than all the hatchbacks currently on sale in the Indian market. It takes some of the design cues from the MG Cyberster roadster concept, which gives it an essence of a crossover from some angles. The range-topping version of the MG4 EV available overseas claims to deliver a range of 452 km, thus making it a direct rival to the Nissan Leaf EV.

MG Motors at 2023 Auto Expo

Apart from displaying the MG4 EV as its showstopper, MG will also use Auto Expo 2023 as the launch pad for the widely anticipated facelifts of Hector and Hector Plus. The facelifted versions of both the SUVs have been spied on test on the public roads, with MG also confirming the arrival of facelifted Hector through a series of teaser visuals on its social media handles.

The facelifted version of both Hector and Hector Plus will have subtle tweaks to the front and rear profiles, a thoroughly revised cabin layout and a set of new features, including a 14-inch touchscreen infotainment system and ADAS. However, MG will retain the current set of powertrains for both the SUVs, which include a 1.5-litre 143 PS turbocharged petrol engine and a 2.0-litre 170 PS diesel engine. MG will also showcase the unique two-door Air EV concept, which is likely to enter the Indian market in production guise sometime in 2023.

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