MG Motor’s small EV’s interior revealed: India launch likely

As the EV adoption rate in India picking up its pace a ton of OEMs are trying to grab a piece of the EV four-wheeler segment. And last month we told about MG India starting to work on an affordable compact electric vehicle for the Indian market. Well, this month the interior of the said small EV has been leaked and detailed pictures of it have surfaced on the interwebs. This new small EV will be based on an existing Chinese EV brand Wuling’s Honguang EV and it is expected to make its debut in the 2023 Auto Exp in India.

MG Motor’s small EV’s interior revealed: India launch likely

The leaked pictures of the interior reveal a beautiful dual-tone inside of the tiny MG EV, which is headed for India. Lighter colours have been utilised widely throughout the interior. The twin 10.25-inch displays that are placed side by side and display information about the car are the interior’s focal point. Furthermore, there are two AV vents that have been postioned horizontally and underneath them there are three spherical knobs for the controls for the air conditioning.

Additionally we can also spot that the steering wheel boasts a two-spoke design with a circular boss and two separate control sets on either side that are both finished in silver. These control sets include controls for the infotainment system’s voice commands, music and navigation, among other things. White and grey finishes are used for the door pads, dashboard, and seats.

As evident from the pictures of the forthcoming EV, the interior is only meant to accommodate four people but appears to be roomy despite its small size. The rear seats appear to have been pulled rearward to create greater legroom. The gear selector, electronic parking brake, and power window buttons are all located on the centre console, which does not extend to the dashboard because there isn’t a transmission tunnel to cover. It also offers some storage space. The switchgear, which has a silver finish, resembles that from vehicles which are a lot more premium.

Earlier last month, the Chinese carmaker Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co. Ltd. abbreviated as Wuling around the globe recently introduced its newest tiny electric vehicle Hongguang Mini EV in Indonesia. The SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture’s mini EV is a tiny electric runabout vehicle, simply called the Wuling EV which is based on the Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV) platform.

MG Motor’s small EV’s interior revealed: India launch likely

In terms of exterior appearance, the Wuling EV boasts a futuristic front end which has a full-width light bar that is aesthetically linked to the wing mirrors, which are positioned on stalks on the door body rather than at the base of the A-pillar, through chrome strips. The charging port door is located beneath this bar, as is the five-diamond Wuling emblem.

The dual-tier headlights are located immediately above the black front bumper, farther down. With a black roof and a vertical rectangular rear side window directly rearward of the B-pillars and flush door handles, the body side is also rather intriguing. The sleek side surface comprises a scalloped bottom part and a single shoulder line linking the huge side windows to the headlights.