MG ZS Electric car owner drives from Delhi to Pune: This is how he did it

Even though the central government and the state governments are pushing for the early adoption of electric vehicles in India, it is still in novice stages. Only a handful of manufacturers offer electric vehicles in India at the present and the charging network is still at its early stages. So most electric car buyers try to remain inside the city limits. Vinod, owner of MG ZS EV regularly takes his car on long drives. Here is his experience on taking the MG ZS EV from Delhi to Kochi.

MG ZS Electric car owner drives from Delhi to Pune: This is how he did it

Faisal Subaid has shared the experience on HVK forum. He says that this is not the first time that he took the vehicle on a long-distance route. In January 2021, Vinod did a round trip of Delhi-Pune, which has induced some confidence in him for the Delhi-Kochi trip.

The journey

MG ZS Electric car owner drives from Delhi to Pune: This is how he did it

The journey started from Delhi early in the morning at 5 AM to bypass the Gurugram traffic. The first stop to charge the MG ZS EV was at Tata Motors at a distance of 244 km. The Tellus charger used by the centre had some connecting issue so the charging time took about 2 hours. Later that night, Vinod reached Beawar and charged the vehicle at the Rani Bagh Resort using the 15A emergency slow charging.

On Day 2, the destination was Baroda so they started at 5:30 AM with an 88% charge. The next stop was Udaipur to charge the car using a fast charger. The Delta charger at the MG Motors Udaipur worked perfectly to charge the vehicle. Since it is summertime, AC was on all through the journey. The next stop to charge the car was Tata Motors Harsolia Brothers but the charger was not operational. They reached AM Motors located 36 km away to use the Fortum charger. After charging the car fully, they reached TML ABS Autolink in Baroda to charge the car again. The Baroda to Pune stretch was uneventful and they stopped at MG Surat, MG Thane to charge the vehicle.

Ample chargers

MG ZS Electric car owner drives from Delhi to Pune: This is how he did it

Vinod says that there are ample chargers between Pune and Hubli so it gives EV owners the confidence to drive at a higher speed. There are six fast chargers between Pune and Kolhapur at an interval of 100 to 150 km/h. Three of these charging stations also have restaurants near the chargers. It was was 426 km journey. Vinod ended the day’s journey at Hubli because the next fast charger is located at Davangere in Karnataka. MG Motors Hubli did provide a 15A charging point for top-up.

On day 5, the journey between Hubli and Mysore was 545 km. TML Adishakti had Delta charger and they used it to charge the ZS EV. The next charging station at Tumkuru was 186 km away and it did it some time to connect due to some problem with the Tata Power EZ app, which caused a charging time of 3 hours. After charging the vehicle, they headed towards Mysore, which was 152 k away and charged at the Zeon charger at the Mall of Mysore.

On Day 6, Vinod did Mysore to Kochi. The original plan was to reach Thrissur via Palakkad but since the Tata and Zeon chargers were no operational on this route due to the lockdown, they had to change the plan. Vinod then took the Mysore-Gundulpete-Gudalur-Nilambur-Thrissur route. The route from Mysore to Nilambur is mostly downhill and the brake regeneration ensured that they reached the next charging station with 80% charge. They did not stop at the charging station and reached Kochi directly to cover 345 km on a single charge.