MG Comet And ZS EV Get Big Updates

Janhvi Kapoor with MG Comet electric car

MG Motor India has announced a significant expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) lineup aimed at enhancing accessibility and value for customers. The company has introduced the ‘Excite Pro’ variant of its flagship EV, the MG ZS, featuring a Dual Pane Panoramic Sky Roof, priced attractively at INR 19.98 Lakh. Additionally, MG Motor India has launched the MG Comet with fast charging options in two new variants: Excite and Exclusive, with the Smart EV range starting at INR 6.98 Lakh.


MG Comet And ZS EV Get Big Updates


The MG ZS EV, known for its futuristic design and spacious interiors, is available in multiple variants, including Executive, Excite Pro, Exclusive Plus, and Essence, with prices starting from INR 18.98 Lakh (ex-showroom).

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Equipped with more than 75 connected features and boasting a certified range of 461 km in a single charge, the ZS EV offers a compelling electric mobility solution. Notably, it features innovative technologies such as digital key locking and ADAS Level 2 for enhanced safety and convenience.

The updated prices for the ZS EV are –

• MG ZS EV Executive – ₹ 18,98,000
• MG ZS EV Excite – ₹ 19,98,000
• MG ZS EV Pro – ₹ 23,98,000
• MG ZS EV Exclusive – ₹ 24,98,000

MG Comet:

MG Comet And ZS EV Get Big Updates

The newly introduced MG Comet variants, Excite FC and Exclusive FC, come with fast charging options at competitive prices of INR 8.23 Lakh and INR 9.13 Lakh (ex-showroom) respectively. These variants offer a range of safety features, including Electronic Stability Control and Hill-Hold Control, along with AC Fast Charging options.

The updated prices for the Comet EV are –
• MG Comet EV Executive – ₹ 6,98,800
• MG Comet EV Excite – ₹ 7,88,000
• MG Comet EV Excite FC – ₹ 8,23,800
• MG Comet EV Exclusive – ₹ 8,78,000
• MG Comet EV Exclusive FC – ₹ 9,13,800

Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director of MG Motor India, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and providing attractive value propositions to customers. He stated, “After taking customer feedback, using market insights, and industry analysis, we have introduced the new variants of our EVs – MG ZS and Comet.”

The MG Comet EV, based on the versatile GSEV platform, is tailored to the needs of urban Indian consumers, offering an exhilarating driving experience with its sleek design and agile performance.

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With its practical and smart design, the Comet EV is easy to maneuver and park in congested areas, making it an ideal city car. It comes loaded with iSMART infotainment, offering more than 55 connected features, including remote vehicle functions and voice commands.

As part of its efforts to promote EV adoption, MG Motor India has made substantial investments in charging infrastructure, with over 15,000 charging touchpoints installed nationwide. The company aims to educate the masses about the advantages of EVs and establish a robust EV ecosystem to make EV usage more convenient and accessible.

Customers interested in exploring MG’s expanded EV portfolio are encouraged to visit their nearest dealership or the official website. With these new introductions, MG Motor India further strengthens its position as a leader in the Indian EV market, offering customers a diverse range of options to experience the future of mobility.