MG’s Jeep Compass SUV rival for India: Launch timeline revealed

MG Motor will launch its first product in India around May-June 2019. This upcoming MG car for India will be an SUV that will be based on one of its existing platforms but suitably modified to suit the tastes of the Indian audience. This upcoming SUV will be a premium product that will be positioned much above entry-level SUVs like the Maruti Vitara Brezza and the Ford EcoSport. It will be a feature-laden model with some segment-leading equipment.

MG’s Jeep Compass SUV rival for India: Launch timeline revealed

Pallavi Singh, MG Motor’s head of marketing in India recently revealed that the upcoming model will be a full-fledged SUV. Speaking to the media, she said, “It’ll be a full SUV – only that I’ll say. There’s no crossover or a compact, it is an SUV, an SUV which will have a stance.” She further said that the upcoming SUV will have a bold character. She explained, “I think the image [of a brand] is not defined by a product and MG has for [the] longest [time] stood for bold stance – it’s a bold brand. So the values and the octagon [in the logo] itself represents boldness. So we will launch products that are bold in nature which also gives that kind of platform to the consumer that they relate to MG as something that they want to own and not something which is pushed on to them.”

MG will offer a premium service experience to the Indian consumers. Pallavi said, “People associate MG with premium and any which way we are coming with an SUV and we’ve said that it’s going to be in that segment where it’s [the] Jeep and others. I don’t want to name competitors but we’ll be in a premium segment, so the [customer] experience has to be premium.” This clearly hints that the upcoming MG SUV will be a rival to the Jeep Compass. Furthermore, Pallavi said, “We want to be friendly, so everything is going to be digitized. So you walk into a showroom, you don’t use a paper, [and] make it more personal. One is experiencing but we will do personalized experience. For example, you walk into a dealership and you’re coming for a service and the barricade opens and your name is there, welcome. I’m just saying it but these are personalized experiences.” The carmaker will have 3-4 models by 2021. These cars won’t be launched in quick succession. You can expect a gap of 1 year between the launch of two MG models.

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