Milk delivery man in Bihar builds a trike to deliver milk: Anand Mahindra is impressed

A trike is a vehicle that has three wheels. It is mostly a project vehicle that people modify and built themselves. In the past, we have seen many modified trikes. Well, here is a unique one. The trike is being used by a milk delivery man and we can see him carrying large containers of milk behind him. The man is also wearing a helmet and a black jacket.

The vehicle is powered by electricity as we can see two inverter-sized batteries positioned in the front. It seems like the vehicle is performing well. It is going at a relatively good speed while carrying heavy large containers of milk.

In fact, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group was also impressed with the trike. He said, “I’m not sure his vehicle meets road regulations, but I hope his passion for wheels remains unregulated…This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long while. I want to meet this road warrior…”

It is important to note that such vehicles do not meet regulations and are not legal to drive on the road. Indian law does not allow customers to modify their vehicles. If they want to modify the vehicle then they can only be used on private properties such as race tracks or open grounds.

Vehicles built by automobile manufacturers have to meet certain criteria and follow rules. They have to homologate the vehicle and make sure that it is safe to run on public roads. These rules include permissible limits on pollution levels of air and noise, then there is safety equipment. For instance, ABS and dual airbags are mandatory on four-wheelers.

Milk delivery man in Bihar builds a trike to deliver milk: Anand Mahindra is impressed

Moreover, modified vehicles can get their insurance claims denied. You could be caught by the cops and will have to pay huge fines. However, if you are really into modification you can get in touch with RTO and get your registration certificate or RC changed according to the modifications that you have done If your vehicle is roadworthy and it gets approved then there should be no problem in driving it on the public roads.

Kerala MVD fined Rs. 48,000 for modifications

In 2020, Kerala’s MVD fined Abin Abraham because he extensively modified his Isuzu D-Max V-Cross. His pick-up truck was very famous for being heavily modified. Apparently, someone sent a tip to the cops about the whereabouts of the pick-up truck because of this the cops decided to take action against the owner. However, Abin decided not to pay the fines to the cops and contest the fine in court. Yes, this is an option that you can choose if you think that the cops have fined you in the wrong way.

Then the MVD sent a suspension notice to the owner. The suspension was valid for 6 months or till the time modified parts are removed from the vehicle. The owner needs to convert the pick-up truck back to a stock vehicle and then present it at the RTO for a physical inspection before the registration suspension can be lifted according to the MVD Kerala.