This mini Jeep runs on electricity, & is perfect for your kids [Video]

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Jeeps are normally associated with off-road activities and known to tackle the toughest terrains. But have you ever thought of a Jeep as a kid’s toy?. I guess, the answer is No. Well here we have a mini Jeep that is created by a modifier who specialises in Jeeps. They have specially made this smaller version of the Jeep for kids to enjoy. How does the mini Jeep look? Here we have a video that explains everything about this creation.

The video has been uploaded by Ankita Jeep’s on their youtube channel. The video starts by explaining the design of the Jeep. The creator of this mini Jeep has tried maximum to replicate the design of an original Jeep. The front gets typical Jeep like wheel arch, vertical slats on the front grille that give Jeep it unique identity with round headlamps on either side of it. The headlights are LED instead of conventional lights.

Coming to side of the car you notice something different. It has the same side profile as that of a Jeep but when it comes to the tyres, it doesn’t look like one. due to various reasons, the mini Jeep gets motorcycle tyres wrapped around alloy wheels. unlike bigger Jeeps this one does not get fatter tyres. At the rear, there is a Jerry can mounted and also an alloy wheel mounted on the rear door. The tail lights are again LEDs.

This mini Jeep runs on electricity, & is perfect for your kids [Video]

On the inside, everything has been made from scratch. It gets a digital meter, touchscreen infotainment system, body colour matching seats and the roof of the mini Jeep can be removed to make it an open top Jeep. But what makes it suitable for kids is the factor that it does not operate on petrol or diesel. it is a full battery operated vehicle. It has 4 batteries installed in it which according to the video provides a range between 80-100 kms. It has one forward and one reverse gear. Top-speed of this mini Jeep is not known, but considering the fact that it is aimed at children, the speed would not be too much.

The mini Jeep in the video took around 3 months to finish and the total cost of this creation is around 3 lakh. This price may vary depending up on the modifications and changes the customer wants to make. Earlier this month we had seen another similar video where a person from Kerala had built a mini Volkswagen Beetle car that operates on a 2-stroke motorcycle engine.