Minister wants youth to buy electric cars as their first vehicle

India is currently suffering from the highest fuel prices ever. Both petrol and diesel fuel cost a lot and there is no respite from the price hike. The authorities are pushing for green vehicles and electric cars to decrease the dependency on fuel imports, which may reduce the prices in the coming times. Delhi’s transport minister Kailash Gahlot has urged the youths of the city to drive the change by adopting electric vehicles.

Minister wants youth to buy electric cars as their first vehicle

With the “Switch Delhi” awareness campaign entering its eighth and final week, Kailash Gahlot made the statement. The Switch Delhi campaign is to spread awareness among the youths and citizens of the city to adopt green vehicles. The campaign is aimed to sensitise the youths of the city, who are one of the most important pillars.

Gahlot said that the youth in the city can play a huge role in making the electric vehicle movement in Delhi a mass movement. He even urged the buyers to get an EV as their first vehicle. Gahlot also added that the youths are the torchbearers of this movement and only they can bring a change in the market scenario. The Delhi government wants to engage the youths as much as possible to motivate them for a better future.

The minister mentions that there is a range of financial and non-financial incentives that are offered by the Delhi Government under the electric vehicle policy and the youths can obtain numerous benefits when buying a green vehicle or an electric car.

Minister wants youth to buy electric cars as their first vehicle

Talking about the savings and impact on nature, he said that electric two-wheelers provide a lifetime savings of 1.98 tonnes of carbon emissions as compared to a regular petrol-powered two-wheeler. It is equivalent to plant as many as 11 trees.

The Delhi government has also released a website so that the youngsters and youths can take a pledge to make the city greener and make a difference by choosing an electric vehicle instead of a regular vehicle.

FAME schemes

The Delhi government and the central government have announced multiple schemes to push the sales of electric vehicles in India. Under the scheme, buyers get massive cashback from the government that can push the overall sales of the vehicles. Also, electric vehicles do not need to pay for the road tax, registration taxes and are even free to park at numerous places. These steps are to push the sales of electric vehicles.

The price of electric vehicles remains on the higher side compared to the petrol or diesel counterparts. The buying cost along with the underdeveloped charging infrastructure makes it really difficult to own and use an electric vehicle in India on the longer routes. However, on shorter routes and inside the city limits, electric vehicles make much more sense compared to conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. Earlier this year, Tesla announced that it will enter the Indian market officially. More manufacturers are expected to bring their electric powered products to the Indian market.