Minnal Murali joins Kerala Motor Vehicle Department to catch speeding motorists

Malayalam movie Minnal Murali which is about a superhero who can run at lightning speeds is currently one of the popular movies streaming online. The character of the Superhero ‘Minnal Murali’ has been played by actor Tovino Thomas. The movie has now joined hands with Kerala Motor Vehicle Department and have released an awareness video in public interest. The movie and the Motor Vehicle Department started a campaign to catch speeding motorists on roads and create awareness among public. The team has also created a promotional video and the same has been released online with a message ‘Real Heroes Go Slow’.

The video has been shared by Mollywood Hub on their YouTube channel. In this video, the actor Tovino Thomas can be seen in the Minnal Murali Costume. He can be heard saying that he is the original Minnal Murali but, there are several imposters who are pretending to be Minnal Murali on the road. As mentioned, one of the superpower that Minnal Murali possess is lightning speed and the imposters that he is talking about are the speeding motorists on the road.

The video then shows Kerala Motor Vehicle Department officers who start inspecting speed of the vehicles from their interceptor vehicle. A large banner of the Minnal Murali movie along with Tovino’s face can be seen behind the interceptor vehicle as well. A meter has been installed that shows the speed of the vehicle that were caught by the officers for speeding.

Minnal Murali joins Kerala Motor Vehicle Department to catch speeding motorists

Once the motorists were stopped, the officers went ahead with normal procedures and issued challan. Along with that, the motorists were shown an awareness video where Minnal Murali or Tovino Thomas is seen asking people to avoid speeding on the road. In this video, Tovino asks “What is your name? Its not Minnal Murali right? Do you even have a superhero uniform? Then why are you driving at lightning speed? The world only needs one ‘Minnal’. Don’t do this again.” The billboard at the rear even asks motorists to go slow. In the video, several bikers and car drivers were stopped by the officers for speeding.

The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department officers even handover printed T-shirts to the violators. The T-shirt had the print that said ‘Real heroes Go Slow’. Speeding is actually a problem on many Indian highways. The condition of roads have improved a lot over the years but, as we live in India, there is always a possibility that a stray animal or a person might come in front of the vehicle out of nowhere. This leads to accidents many times. By driving at permissible speeds, the driver will get ample time to see obstacles that are in front of him and will also offer time to stop the vehicle without any issue.

This is actually a good initiative by the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department the movie Minnal Murali team. Such awareness programs are conducted by Police and Motor Vehicle Department from other states and using popular faces to lead such campaigns is to make it more popular among general public.