Minor in a Hyundai Creta blocks an ambulance: Criminal case registered [Video]

Most Indians do not follow traffic rules or give much regard to the lane discipline. This causes chaos on the roads and in the process, emergency vehicles often get stuck in the traffic. While there are many rules and laws that allow strict actions of the vehicle owners who do not give way to the emergency vehicles, we still see many obstructing the way of emergency vehicles. Here is a similar situation from Goa where a minor driving a Hyundai Creta obstructed an ambulance and the cops have now booked him.

Recorded by the ambulance operator, the video shows a Hyundai Creta at a higher speed than the official limit on the road. The Creta is trying everything possible to make sure that the ambulance does not overtake him. This goes on for a while even though the ambulance had all the sirens on and was trying frantically to overtake the Creta and go ahead. The incident happened in Goa, where most of the roads are undivided and single lane which makes it extremely difficult to overtake until the vehicle ahead of you gives space and moves aside.

The ambulance also honks on the way but the Creta driver was in no mood to give way and let the ambulance go ahead. On the way, both Creta and the ambulance overtake a few other cars who immediately went to the side of the road to give way to the ambulance. However, the Creta driver did not budget and kept on driving at high speed in front of the ambulance. Towards the end of the video, the Hyundai Creta driver suddenly applies brakes and weaves around on the road to keep the ambulance behind him.

Minor in a Hyundai Creta blocks an ambulance: Criminal case registered [Video]

The Verna Police of Goa has identified the driver of the Creta as a 17-year old boy. The cops have said that the video clearly shows that the person driving the Creta is intentionally obstructing the way of the ambulance. The cops have booked the driver under the Motor Vehicles Act and his guardian for allowing him to drive the vehicle without a valid license. A criminal case has been registered against the minor at the Verna police station and the cops are currently preparing a report that will be sent to the Juvenile Justice Board.

It is not known if the guardian of the minor boy will be punished. In the past, guardians of minors have been sent to jail for allowing their wards to drive a vehicle without a license. Something similar might happen in this case too. According to the MV Act, blocking any emergency vehicle can attract a fine of up to Rs 10,000 with jail time.