Minors hit an elderly woman while triple riding rashly: ARRESTED, parents booked

Tw0-wheelers are involved in most accidents that happen in India. Many of these accidents are caused by minor riding. Even though the latest laws address the problem of minors driving on the public roads and hold the parents responsible, there are still many out there who still do it.

This accident in Hyderabad shows three riders on a scooter who are riding extremely rash on the roads. The video footage uploaded by the police show three on the scooter weaving through the traffic. They enter a crowded section of the road where a few pedestrians are also present.

The footage shows an elderly walking on the side of the road. The riders at a high speed were weaving through the traffic to overtake other vehicles. They suddenly spot the elderly woman on the road. However, unable to control the speed and direction they were going, they hit the woman straight from the back.

The riders did not stop or even looked back to check if the woman is alright. Locals rush to the spot to help the elderly. According to the police, the woman received only a few minor injuries and was back on her feet soon after. However, the riders on the scooter did not stop at all. According to the police, none of them had a valid driving license.

Two riders arrested

Minors hit an elderly woman while triple riding rashly: ARRESTED, parents booked

According to the police, they have identified the culprit and have also arrested two of them from the city. The police have released a picture that shows both of them behind the bars. In fact, the cops have also lodged a case against the owner of the scooter, who is the parent of one of the culprits.

Even though there are rules to issue challans and fines to the parents of minors who illegally ride or drive vehicles without a valid license, that does not stop many of them. In the past, the police have issued massive challans and fines to the parents who let their kids operate motor vehicles. In fact, the police have also sent a few parents to jail to send a message. However, such steps also do not have much impact.

Minors driving a vehicle on public roads is a major crime and the cops can take strict actions against the defaulters. A minor driving on the road is illegal and hence, not covered by any insurance policy. Also, a minor getting involved in accidents can become a complicated case.

Earlier, Hyderabad Police issued a strict warning to the parents of the minor children who ride motorcycles. The cops even detained the parents of the minor children who were caught driving cars and motorcycles illegally and sent them to jail overnight. A court judgement earlier asked the cops to hold the parents responsible for allowing the minor children to ride or drive cars and two-wheelers. The legal age of getting a driving license in India is 18 years old. One can learn to drive or ride before that but in private places like a race track or a private road.

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