Minors in speeding Mahindra Scorpio crash into bus: Parents booked by cops [Video]

A CCTV footage of a Mahindra Scorpio speeding on Goan roads became viral. The SUV was being driven by three minors who miracoulously escaped after the high-speed crash. The police have now booked the father of the minor driver for allowing the underrage person to drive the car.

The accident happened at 3pm at Caranzalem near St Peter’s Chapel on Monday. The accident happened when the Mahindra Scorpio was travelling at a high speed as seen in the CCTV. A KTC bus ferrying school children suddenly took U-Turn, which caused the Mahindra Scorpio driver to swerve at high-speed. He tried to dodge the bus and could not control the vehicle.

The Scorpio then hit three lamp posts by the roadside. The impact caused the lamp posts to break down. Three passengers travelling in the vehicle suffered injuries and were shifted to Goa Medical College for first-aid and treatment.

Case against father

Minors in speeding Mahindra Scorpio crash into bus: Parents booked by cops [Video]

Panjim Police have registered a case against the juvenile and his father. The father is the car owner according to the documents. The police registered an offence against the juveline driver and father Asgarali Rajabali under sections 3,4,5 and 181 of Motor Vehicles Act. Further, Sections 279 adn 338 of IPC were also invoked against them.

According to the police, the driver of the SUV and his father have been booked for rash driving and driving the vehicle in a negligent manner.

Despite the existence of rules to issue challans and fines to parents of minors illegally operating motor vehicles, many continue to do so. The police have previously issued large challans and fines and even sent parents to jail as a deterrent, but these measures have had limited impact.

Driving on public roads as a minor is a serious crime, and strict action can be taken by the police against offenders. Such driving is also not covered by any insurance policy, and accidents involving minors can be legally complicated.

In Hyderabad, the police issued a stern warning to parents of minor children who ride motorcycles and detained parents whose children were caught driving illegally, sending them to jail overnight. A court decision held parents responsible for allowing their children to drive before the legal driving age of 18 years old. While it is possible to learn driving or riding before this age, it must be done in private places such as a race track or a private road.

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