Miraculous escape for family in a Ford Endeavour after SUV falls into a 400 foot-deep ravine (Video)

A family of five and their driver had a miraculous escape after the Ford Endeavour luxury SUV they were traveling in went off road, and fell into a 400 foot deep ravine. The SUV rolled over multiple times and yet everyone in the solidly-built SUV cheated death and escaped with nothing more than minor bruises.

[Video in Marathi but watch it for visuals of the crash]

Jitendra Singh, a 37 year-old builder from Vasai near Mumbai, was being driven to Kankavali in Sindhudurg district of Coastal Maharashtra. Others in the Endeavour SUV were the vehicle’s driver, Mr. Singh’s wife Pallavi, 35, and children Janhavi, 13, Jiya, 9 and Atharva, 7. At 6 AM in the morning, upon seeing a tanker truck headed straight for the SUV at a curve, the driver tried to steer off road and lost control of the vehicle, which fell into the 400 foot-deep ravine.

One look at the mangled SUV shows that the family was indeed very, very lucky to have gotten out of this accident, alive. While all six airbags of the Endeavour SUV deployed, only the driver of the vehicle and Mr. Singh were wearing seatbelts. His wife, and three young children were thrown out of the SUV as it rolled over, and luckily for them, escaped serious injuries and even death.

Miraculous escape for family in a Ford Endeavour after SUV falls into a 400 foot-deep ravine (Video)
Jitendra Singh and his family, who were inthe Ford Endeavour SUV when the accident occured.

Mr. Singh narrates what happened,

At one point, there was a sharp right turn, and I saw the truck heading towards us. To avoid a collision, I drove away from it, but our car slipped off the road. The car kept tumbling. I was pinned to the seat by the seatbelt and airbags. At first, my wife and kids were screaming, while the car kept falling deeper. Then, suddenly, they went silent (after they had already fallen out of the SUV while it tumbled). It was still dark, and I couldn’t see a thing. I removed my seat belt and got out of the car. I was numb until I heard the cried of my family. I thanked god when I found them. When I saw the distance we had fallen, from the road till the point where our car finally crashed, I could not believe that we had survived without injuries. Pallavi suffered a few bruises on her limbs, otherwise, all of us are fine.

While Mr. Singh and his family got away without serious injuries, it’s important to note that it was more of a miracle that saved them. Wearing seatbelts is very important. Often, people die in rollover crashes due to them being thrown out of the vehicle at high speed, and sometimes even being crushed by the vehicle rolling over. Everyone in the car should wear a seatbelt for their own safety. Also, airbags work effectively only when seatbelts are worn.

Via Mid-Day