Miraculous escape: Watch a car roll over & passengers walk away [Video]

Dramatic CCTV visuals show a Hyundai i20 hatchback trying to execute a high speed left turn, only to lose control, go into an uncontrollable skid and then roll over. Miraculously, the two people inside the hatchback not only survived but simply walked away from the crash. Here’s the video.

As the video indicates, the white hatchback was way too fast for the corner and simply couldn’t turn on time. In such situations on a non-ABS car, the best solution is to brake as hard as possible without steering the car, even if it means missing the corner and going onto the gravel. That would have been a better option.

The driver of the hatchback thought otherwise, and tried to steer the car at high speed, and couldn’t control the ensuing skid. The car would have simply skidded to a halt had there been no obstacle in its path. However, the retaining wall of the fuel station was in the way.

The car – skidding sideways – slammed into the wall of the fuel station, and rolled over. If this had been an SUV – with a much higher center of gravity – the rollover would have been much more extensive. Luckily for the duo in the car, they were in a hatchback.

If you’re too fast for a corner, BRAKE!

In case of unknown roads, or an unknown car, driving sedately is the best option. Should you be too fast for a corner, it’s better to brake hard and risk puncturing your ego. However, DON’T steer while braking hard on a non-ABS car. Often, it’s a lot safer to brake hard and minimize damage rather than trying to steer a car out of trouble. Most people cannot recover from a skid.

ABS (anti-lock braking system) equipped cars allow you to brake hard, and still steer. This is also why it’s always advisable to buy an ABS equipped car if available. Moreover, wearing seatbelts is something that is very important, for accidents don’t happen with prior intimation.