Couple miraculously get saved after getting ran over by Mercedes Benz GLC SUV [Video]

mercedes benz suv crash miraculous escape two wheeler

India is known for people driving on the roads without following rules. Now, what happens is mostly people manage to avoid accidents despite not following the ideal rules. However, once in a while, this nature of not giving any regards to traffic rules becomes a cause of an accident. A video showing exactly this has been shared online. In this particular accident, a couple riding on a motorcycle, who was not following any regulations, met an accident with a Mercedes Benz SUV on a highway and came underneath it. But somehow, with a miracle, the couple survived the accident and came out of the accident alive.

Miraculous Save

The video of this accident on the highway with a miraculous save has been shared on YouTube by Hindustan Times on their channel. It starts off normally where a bike can be seen with a couple riding on an empty highway. However, soon it can be seen that a Mercedes Benz GLC SUV was approaching from behind. This particular SUV was driving at a decently high speed. What happens next is that the rider of the bike, seeing an intersection, tries swerving to the right lane from the left.

However, during this maneuver, he notes the incoming Mercedes Benz GLC and then tries to go towards the left. However, the Mercedes Benz driver noted the initial right movement and then turned his car towards the left side. But as the biker had already come back to the left side, the SUV driver could not brake in time and crashed with the couple on the bike.

What Happened Next?

Couple miraculously get saved after getting ran over by Mercedes Benz GLC SUV [Video]

Soon after this, it can be noted that upon the impact of the accident, the couple from the bike fell on the bonnet of the SUV. But due to the braking and slanted design of the bonnet, the couple fell from the bonnet and came underneath the car. What was even more horrifying about this accident was that the man and woman were dragged underneath the car for a couple of meters.

In the process, the front left wheel of the car ran over the man. It can also be observed from the video that the woman was stuck underneath the front bumper of the car. But the man, after being run over, got dragged all the way underneath the car and got lodged just in front of the rear wheel of the SUV.

How Were They Saved?

Couple miraculously get saved after getting ran over by Mercedes Benz GLC SUV [Video]

The video then continues to show how this couple was rescued. It shows that after stopping, three men immediately came out of the SUV to assess the accident. The driver and the front passenger came out and saw the woman stuck underneath the front bumper. However, the man who came out of the rear left door came out and saw the man lodged underneath. After noting this, he immediately started the process of rescuing the man underneath, and he was successful as the man came out alive. Then they all started rescuing the woman, for which the driver had to reverse the car. She was then seen getting assisted by the passengers of the car.

Who Was at Fault?

From the video, it can be easily understood that the entire fault in this accident was from the biker. First off, the bike rider and his pillion were not wearing helmets. Secondly, there was no mirror on the bike to see the incoming traffic before making such a maneuver to the right side. Lastly, the man was swerving the bike in the middle of the highway where generally all cars are driving at high speeds. The car driver, on the other hand, could not have done anything to avoid the accident.