Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Sportscar Officially Dead; To be replaced by High Performance Hybrid SUV

With the Lancer Evo sportscar going out of production after its tenth and current generation, Mitsubishi has officially announced a replacement. Well, this is where the news about the Evo’s replacement takes an almighty twist in the tale. What the world will get as the Lancer Evo-X sportscar’s replacement is  is a high performance, hybrid SUV.

Mitsubishi Evo-X Sportscar Pic
Mitsubishi Evo-X Sportscar used as an illustration


This announcement was made by Mitsubishi’s global product boss, Mr. Kanenori Okamoto, who made the following statement when quizzed about the Evo-X’s successor,

It will not exist as we know it. It will be replaced in spirit by an SUV with high performance.

Given Mitsubishi’s push towards hybrid and electric cars, the change over to a hybrid powered Evo successor doesn’t come as a surprise at all. However, Evo purists will have an axe to grind, especially considering the fact that the replacement model of the Evo-X will be a crossover rather than a sedan, which will alter the DNA of the brand, immutably.

The high performance, hybrid crossover that will succeed the Evo-X, will use technologies gleaned from the i-MiEV Evolution hill climb electric race car. A high performance electric motor and a high power battery are two bits that the hybrid crossover is likely to receive.

Also, the latest iteration of the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) four-wheel-drive system, originally developed for the the Evo-X, will be used on the Evo-X’s hybrid crossover successor. A timeline for the Evo-X’s spiritual successor hasn’t been revealed yet.

Mitsubishi used to sell the Evo-X sportscar in India, which has since been discontinued, what with the Japanese automaker severely curtailing its Indian operations. With that, the possibility of the high performance, hybrid crossover’s arrival into India remains quite slim. Currently, Mitsubishi sells a solitary product in India, in the form of the Pajero Sport SUV.


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