Mitsubishi Motors has officially launched the 2012 Outlander SUV. The new Outlander comes in new variants: 7-seater priced at Rs. 20.55 lakh and 5-seater priced at Rs. 20.85 lakh.

mitsubishi outlander 7seater

What’s new?

Externally, there are no differences between the 2012 Outlander and the outgoing model. On the inside, the 2012 Outlander 7-seater version has a third row with two seats that are best suited for kids. The third row can be fully floored to get the boot space of the 5-seater variant. The 2012 Outlander comes with a new feature: paddle shifter.


The Outlander 7-seater is powered by the same 2.4 litre petrol motor that powers the 5-seater model. The engine belts out 166.6 bhp of maximum power and 226 Nm of maximum torque and mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The Outlander returns a claimed mileage of 10.3 kmpl. There is no diesel engine variant for the Outlander.


The Outlander 7-seater has all the features available in the Outlander 5-seater. The following are the features available in the Outlander.

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Price comparison

Among the entry-level premium SUVs, the Outlander (Rs. 20.55 lakh – 20.85 lakh) is competitively priced when compared with its main rival, the Honda CR-V (Rs. 22.65 lakh – 24.89 lakh). However, the Outlander is pricier when compared with the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara (Rs. 16.94 lakh – 18.26 lakh) and in par with the diesel SUVS such as the Ford Endeavour (Rs. 17.84 – 20.75 lakh) and the Chevrolet Captiva (Rs. 18.74 – 20.59 lakh). Also read: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport launched at Rs.23.53 lakh!


Mitsubishi has taken the right step by launching a 7-seater variant for the Outlander given that most of the SUVs in its segment has seven seats. However, the sales of Outlander may not improve drastically because, buyers still prefer diesel SUVs in this segment.


  1. The writing’s on the wall, but Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Honda refuse to read it. Till they provide a decent diesel motor on their 20L SUV’s, Toyota will continue to rule the roost, unchallenged.

  2. The Outlander Won’t make a Good 7 Seater Since Space is Quite Packed Even for 5 Seater Luxury…But engine is very Sharp and response Was mind-blowing…I really Love that Paddle Shift …It’s Quite Good to Drive…feels like a Race head…but not a good commuter based car…

  3. Why is it so difficult to see the obvious? how many units have they sold of the earlier unit that they have got so enthusiastic and come with the same petrol motor? Is any of the petrol driven competition selling? Is CRV or Grand Vitara selling in decent numbers?

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