Mitsubishi Pajero falls 1600 feet from hill in Kerala: Keeps passengers safe [Video]

A car falling from any height can be extremely dangerous and the chances of not surviving the crash remains high. This incident though shows a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV that fell 500 metres or 1,640 feet from a hill showing how sometimes passengers can get lucky and survive such massive crashes.


The incident happened in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. According to the information, the passengers were travelling in a Mitsubishi Pajero to a tourist destination. The SUV fell from the edge to a depth of 500 metres or 1,640 feet.

The exact reason for the car falling down remains unknown. However, local reports say that the car lost the brakes or it slipped from the edge. There are a few pictures of the mangled remains of the Pajero. It looks heavily damaged. Since we can only see the pictures of its underbody, we cannot say much about the damage.

Mitsubishi Pajero falls 1600 feet from hill in Kerala: Keeps passengers safe [Video]

However, the passengers came out of the vehicle with minor injuries. It is important to notice that only passengers with their seatbelts on can survive such accidents as you get thrown around and get serious injuries that can even turn fatal.

Walking away from such accidents is not a guarantee of a good build quality though. There are many factors that make a car safe or unsafe.

Driving in mountains

Mountain driving offers a thrilling and memorable experience, but it also entails certain risks. However, by exercising caution and adhering to essential rules, one can ensure a safe journey. Staying within your designated lane is one of the primary rules while driving on undivided mountain roads. New drivers often veer into the opposite lane, which can result in potentially catastrophic accidents.

Another crucial aspect is being mindful of overtaking. Attempting to overtake on blind corners is highly dangerous and can lead to severe accidents. By following these guidelines, drivers can mitigate the hazards associated with mountain driving and responsibly enjoy the adventure.

Hill driving requires utmost care, particularly in mountainous regions and cold conditions. One significant hazard is the presence of black ice on the roads, which can cause vehicles to lose traction. Black ice, a frozen form of water, tends to form shortly after sunset. It creates the illusion of a wet surface and is challenging to detect. This poses a serious threat to all vehicles, especially when travelling at high speeds. It is crucial to exercise caution, reduce speed, and be vigilant when encountering potentially wet surfaces, particularly after sunset, to minimize the risks associated with black ice.

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