Mitsubishi Pajero gets STUCK: Fortuner rescues it like a BOSS

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Off-roading is one of the most fun things that one can do with SUVs and taking it to dune bashing is even better. While there are not many places in India where you can take your off-roader for dune bashing, you sure can take them to Rajasthan for a great experience. However, things can go horribly wrong while doing off-roading on the dunes and even the most capable vehicles can get stuck. Here is a video that shows how a Mitsubishi Pajero gets royally stuck in the dunes and a Toyota Fortuner comes to its rescue.

The video does not show how the Mitsubishi Pajero got stuck at the location. However, it is clear that the SUV’s front right tyre got de-beaded from the rim, which caused the vehicle to get stuck at that point. The Mitsubishi Pajero was then saved by a Toyota Fortuner through a winch. The Toyota Fortuner could not come close to the Pajero due to the loose sand terrain, which could have caused the Toyota Fortuner to sink too.

The video shows traction boards placed under the left tyre of the Pajero to ensure that it gets maximum traction on the wheel. The traction boards are specially designed boards that allow the vehicle to get a better grip even in the most challenging situations. After the recovery was completed, people started working on the bringing the tyre back on the tread. The air was filled again and the tread was set right by pulling the tyre into its place.

To overcome such problems, special Beadlock rims are available for the off-roading vehicles. Such rims hold down the tyres in place to ensure that the tyres are always in place regardless of the fact of the forces acting on them. De-beading of the tyres is quite common in off-roading. Most of the experienced off-roaders reduce the air pressure in the tyres to get maximum surface area contact that increases the traction. However, it puts the tyres at risk of getting off the tread.

Mitsubishi Pajero gets STUCK: Fortuner rescues it like a BOSS

Also, it is highly important to not to go at such off-roading places without being equipped or having a recovery vehicle. Getting stuck at such places is common and help can take a long time to reach such secluded places. Having a recovery vehicle helps in many ways. During the situations where one car is stuck badly and the other vehicle cannot help in the recovery, it can always go to the nearest town to get help.

Off-roading can be fun with the right tools, knowledge and experience in place. If one gets stuck without the right knowledge or the tools to save the vehicle, things may turn out quite badly.