Mitsubishi Pajero SFX converted into Pajero Short Wheelbase SUV looks neat

Mitsubishi was a brand that many enthusiasts preferred when they were available in the country. Their Pajero SFX SUV was one of the best rugged looking SUV in the market at that point of time. Over a period of time Mitsubishi lost its charm due to weak dealership and service network. However, Pajero SFX is still one of those SUVs which is still loved by many off-road enthusiasts. There are still some well kept examples of this SUV in India. Pajero had a three door short wheelbase version which is quite rarely seen on our roads. Here we have a video that shows a garage in Punjab converting a regular Pajero SFX into a SWB version.

The video has been uploaded by Sunny Kaler on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows a modified Pajero SFX that has been converted into a short wheelbase version. The SWB version of Pajero is very popular among off-roaders as it can handle off-road much easier manner than the 5-door version. In order to make it look like the three door version, the garage had to make some changes to the chassis of the Pajero SFX.

Pajero SFX is a three row SUV and it also offers a longer wheelbase. The body and the chassis of the SUV were chopped off for this modification. Vlogger does not mention anything about the wheelbase but, looking at the SUV it feels like the wheelbase in the short wheelbase version has reduced. The SUV can now seat only 4 passengers. The third row seat has been completely taken away. Entry to the second row is done by folding the front row seats.

Mitsubishi Pajero SFX converted into Pajero Short Wheelbase SUV looks neat

The front gets Pajero SWB front grille headlamps and bumper to justify the look of a short wheelbase version. The headlights are halogen units and there are two auxiliary lamps installed on the bumper. The company fitted alloy wheels have been replaced and the it now gets a blacked out off-road wheels and 35 inch mud terrain tyres. The SUV uses the same tail lamps as SFX model. The rear door, rood and other panels have been completely fabricated.

Overall, the exterior work on the SUV looks good. The car was completely repainted in Mitsubishi Pajero’s signature Red and white shade. Moving inside, the cabin on this SUV was also customised. The dashboard in the SUV has not been changed. All the dials remain the same. The steering wheel has been borrowed from a SWB Pajero. The door pads gets soft touch leather material in beige colour with diamond stitching. The seats also gets beige colour seats. The roof liner, floor mats are all covered in beige colour soft touch material.

The SUV still uses the same 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine that generates 118 Bhp and 292 Nm of peak torque. The SUV is mated to a manual gearbox and the vlogger mentions that because it has lost considerable amount of weight due to all the modifications. It now feels a lot more quicker than the standard Pajero SFX version.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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