Politician BUSTED by RTO: Removes hooters from Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV

With the Lok Sabha elections coming up later this year, the Election Commission of India has issued new rules. According to the new rules, no vehicle should ply on the roads with irregular number plates. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Indore, Madhya Pradesh is now carrying out the new orders by the Election Commission.

The police and RTO officials of the city have set-up barricades to stop and check vehicles in the city. Many vehicles were stopped for having political party signs and logos on the number plates. The officials present at the spot removed such number plates and many were issued fines for the same. It should be noted that any kind of the logo, information or designation cannot be written on the number plates. Only the registration number of the vehicle can be written on a number plate, and it has to be in accordance with the layout provided by the Motor Vehicle Act in India.

The Indore police and RTO have set-up barricades in all the major crossings of the city. There were many vehicles which were caught with the illegal number plates. As per the report, many senior RTO officials were present in the spot to remove such illegal numberplates and carry out the order of election commission.

During the checking, a Corporator and Congress leader Chintu Choksi reached one such barricade to meet the RTO officials and check the work. However, the RTO officials present at the spot noticed the hooters and sirens installed on the Mitsubishi Pajero owned by the Congress leader. On seeing the hooters and sirens mounted on the top of the Pajero, the RTO officials got into action and removed them from the SUV.

It should be noted that such hooters and sirens are illegal on private vehicles in India. Even politicians including the Prime Minister of India are not allowed to have sirens, hooters and flashers on the roof in India. Only emergency vehicles like the police patroling cars, ambulances and fire trucks are allowed to have such a set-up in India now. When the RTO officer said that the set-up on his vehicle is illegal, the minister said that he will happily remove it and helped the RTO officials on the spot too.

The video later shows that RTO officials are removing the set-up from his vehicle. However, it is not known if these illegal accessories were seized by the officials or were given back to the politician. The illegal number plates, which were recovered from the drive were seized by the officials. It is also not known if the RTO officials or the police present at the spot issued a fine to the political leader.

Such drives are expected to intensify around India as the elections are expected to happen this year. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of India made any kind of modification to the vehicles illegal. The judgement did not specify the exact kind of modification that is illegal but the state police forces in India are expected to act on the same in the coming times.