Mitsubishi Pajero vs Toyota Fortuner SUV in a tug of war: Who wins! [Video]

Punjab is a place that simply can’t get enough of its SUVs. The Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Fortuner are legendary SUVs in Punjab, both in urban and rural areas. And in Punjab, tug of wars between vehicles – from motorcycles to SUVs and even tractors – is very common. Here is yet another tug-of-war that shows the Mitsubishi Pajero taking on the previous generation Fortuner. Who wins? Watch it for yourself.

As the video indicates, the Pajero SFX, an SUV that’s at least a generation older than the Fortuner, simply pulls away and wins this tug of war. The Pajero is powered by a 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine with 118 Bhp and 292 Nm, both figures significantly lower than the Fortuner’s 169 Bhp-343 Nm churned out from a 3 liter, turbo diesel engine that also has common rail direct injection. Both SUVs get four wheel drive systems as standard. While the Fortuner features a full-time four wheel drive system, the Pajero has a part-time system that can be deployed when necessary.

Any takeaways?

Not really. Winning or losing a tug-of-war doesn’t mean much. A lot of factors are involved, and it’s not just big torque at the low end that changes the result. Driver skill, the condition of the clutch (which allows torque to be put down on the road), tyre condition and weight of the vehicles involved are all factors that can influence the result of the tug-of-war. So, while the Pajero beating the Fortuner may look spectacular and raise the profile of the old-school SUV among its fans by a few notches, it says little about the capabilities of both SUVs.

Both the Fortuner and Pajero SFX use rugged ladder-frame chassis constructions, and are highly regarded for reliability and toughness. While the Pajero SFX may seem underpowered on paper, it has adequate performance in the real world. Similarly, the Fortuner, despite losing this tug-of-war contest against a less powerful adversary, is one of the most popular luxury SUVs in India, and is capable of speeds of over 140 Kph. The only weak point remains its brakes.

Video courtesy Thargarh