MLA in a Toyota Fortuner FINED for running sun film on SUV [Video]

With the new MV Act effective in several Indian states and union territories from 1st September 2019, cops have issued a large number of fines. In a few cases, the cops have even booked senior officials, politicians and even fellow cops flouting norms on the public roads. A similar case from Bihar has become viral where the Patna Police issued a fine to a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) during regular checking.

The video comes from Patna where the police forces stopped the black Toyota Fortuner SUV for checking. They found out that the Toyota Fortuner was using aftermarket black tinted windows, which are currently illegal in India. In the video, the MLA Pradeep Singh can be seen asking the cops why they are issuing a fine to him. The video clearly shows the heavily tinted windows of the MLA, which is an official vehicle of the politician too. Inside, a number of policemen who were on-duty and were guarding the MLA can be seen too.

The cop who issued the fine said on the camera that they have issued a Rs 500 fine to the MLA for having black windows. The politician was sitting on the co-driver seat and could be seen with the seatbelts in place, which is a good part. However, the official vehicle also had a number of sirens and flashers mounted on the top of the vehicle, which again is illegal. It should be noted that no politician of India, including the Prime Minister of the country, can use such sirens and flashers on their vehicle. Politicians have been issued fines in the past for the same. However, this time, the cops in Patna did not issue any kind of fine for the illegal attachments on the roof of the vehicle. In India, only emergency vehicles like ambulances and official police cars have the permission to use the sirens and flashers.

MLA in a Toyota Fortuner FINED for running sun film on SUV [Video]

The tinted window rule is one of the most flouted rules in India. While the enforcement is quite strict in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, in many other cities, motorists continue to use the tinted windows to keep themselves safe from the sun. It should be noted that any kind of aftermarket tinted window is not allowed in Indian cars. This was done to ensure that the crimes happening inside the vehicle can be spotted by the bystanders easily.

Also, it should be noted that under the new MV Act, the police can fine government officials double the official amount set for the general public. This rule will ensure that people who are in an authoritative position do not break the rules and set an example for the common motorists using the public roads.