MLA Jayakumar Gore’s Toyota Fortuner falls 50 feet from bridge: All passengers safe [Video]

Politician Jaykumar Gore, who is Bhartiya Kanata Party (BJP) MLA from Maharashtra got involved in a gruesome accident. The incident happened at his native Satara when his Toyota Fortuner fell from a bridge at high speed. The car fell 50 feet but kept all the passengers safe.

There were a total of four occupants travelling in the car including Jaykumar Gore. The accident happened in the wee hours of Saturday. According to the locals who saw the accident, it seems like a case of sleeping on the wheels.  The driver lost control of the car and veered off the Lonand-Phaltan road and fell over 50 feet down in the Bananga River. The information is shared by a senior police officer.

Gore was rushed to the Pune-based Ruby Hall Clinic while others were admitted to different hospitals. Doctors have mentioned that the condition of the patients is stable.

Eyewitnesses said that they heard the voices calling out for help and rushed down the bridge to rescue the injured. There is also information that the Personal Assistant of MLA Jaykumar Gore got stuck inside the vehicle. But the locals moved the car around to set him free.

Looking at the pictures, it seems like the Fortuner took the impact head-on. The front end is heavily damaged, which took all the beating and kept the occupants safe. However, it does not seem like the occupants were wearing seatbelts. The Toyota Fortuner held very well and kept the passengers safe in the situation.

Driving at night and early morning

MLA Jayakumar Gore’s Toyota Fortuner falls 50 feet from bridge: All passengers safe [Video]

Night driving is preferred by many motorists to avoid the rush during the day. But the human body is hard-wired to fall asleep between 12 AM and 4 AM. Clearly, the accident took place during the hours when the body’s mechanism to stay alert is not at its best. The SUV also do not like the idea of changing directions quickly.

If you’re doing a night drive and cannot avoid it for any reason, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind.

Slow down. Never over speed even if the roads are empty, you may also hit a bump and lose control of your car. Keep an eye on the side of the roads for stray cattle or animals like dogs. They are not very much visible at night and can hit your car to cause serious damage. It is also advisable to take periodic breaks if you are driving in the 12 AM-4 AM window. Washing your face periodically helps. Do not keep driving when you start feeling sleepy. Take a quick nap, that helps you stay alert. It’s better to engage in some conversation with the front passenger so that you stay alert during night drives. Taking caffeine will only delay sleep, once the effect of caffeine goes away, the body crashes completely.