MLA stops convoy to personally help crash victims: Wins praise [Video]

Accidents are one of the most common sights on the Indian roads, especially on the highways. Helping road accident victims is something that is considered as trouble for many, especially because many get tangled in the legal matter. Well, there are many who do not consider all these troubles and get into quick action whenever they notice an accident victim. Well, here is a politician who stopped for road accident victims and helped the people to reach the hospital.

The incident happened near Nayakguda, Malkangiri in Odisha. Chitrakonda MLA, Purna Chandra Baka was travelling through the district when he spotted three accident victims travelling on a bike lying on the side of the road. Baka immediately asked the convoy to stop and help the accident victims. He can be seen getting down from the vehicle and helping the victims.

The politician, Baka then gave a ride to all the three accident victims to a nearby hospital for the treatment. The report also says that Baka took updates on the recovery of the victims and all three of them were stable.

MLA stops convoy to personally help crash victims: Wins praise [Video]

The victims – two ladies and one guy were travelling on a motorcycle when the accident took place. It is not known how exactly the accident happened but all three of them were found on the side of the road. The video of the MLA rescuing the victims indicate that the people were not seriously injured but none of them can be seen wearing a helmet, which can be dangerous and is also illegal. All three of them were travelling on a single motorcycle, which again is illegal as per the MV Act.

Nonetheless, the effort of the MLA has become viral on the Internet and he has received applause from many people across the country. It should be noted that helping an accident victim should be a priority. Since the first aid and the first treatment of the accident victims is very crucial, every motorist should take care of the accidents and ensure that the victims reach the hospital in time.

Helping road accident victims has become very easy when compared to olden times. The government has ensured that the people who help the victims do not get involved in any kind of legalities. This is something that will encourage motorists in the future to help road accident victims. Also, the 108 emergency ambulance services are active almost throughout India. Calling the 108 if you cannot take the victim to the nearby hospital can also save time and save the victims. It should be the duty of every motorist to help the road accident victims in any way they can. To promote this, many state governments have even announced cash prizes for such people.