Andhra Pradesh MLA leaves car and boards Bus at Plaza: Toll Booth Drama [Video]

Toll collection plazas across India witness a lot of antics daily. Now recently, a series of event unfolded at Khaja toll plaza in Andhra Pradesh, in which Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar was stopped at the Khaja toll booth for the toll fee. Actually, the MLA was approaching the toll plaza when the driver of the car steered it towards the free pass lane. However, the car, was stopped by the security personnel on duty at the plaza and they demanded the toll fees to be paid. This led to a high voltage situation at the Plaza, which later saw the MLA leave his car behind and board a bus.

The MLA was heading towards Guntur and on his way he encountered the toll plaza. He was travelling in a Toyota Innova Crysta and returning from a trip to a temple when the incident happened. Upon being stopped and asked for the toll fee, the MLA refused to pay the fees. The toll staff sought payment of toll fee despite the Prabhakar’s repeated claims of his exemption from payment of toll. This led to a heated argument between the MLA and the toll employees following which, he and his family members got down from their car and left in a road transport bus from the spot. Later on, the MLA complained to higher officials of the Kaza Toll Plaza, which falls under the National Highways Authority of India.

While it is true that MLA’s are exempted to pay the toll fee, toll plaza employees have the right to demand the official identity card issued by the government to an MLA. His Innova Crysta was also not sporting any kind of special number plate or stickers issued by the government to an MLA which clearly states that the concerned vehicle is a VIP car. The Khaja toll plaza falls in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The Toyota Innova Crysta left behind by Prabhakar blocked one of the toll lanes which later caused a lot of inconvenience to other road users.

Andhra Pradesh MLA leaves car and boards Bus at Plaza: Toll Booth Drama [Video]

The concerned officials present the toll plaza later apologized to the Prabhakar when they realized that he indeed was an MLA. However, by then the MLA had lost his cool and in a fit of rage, he left his car in the middle of the plaza. The lane where he abandoned his MPV was the VIP/VVIP free pass lane, which their driver steered through when the car approached the toll plaza. The silver Toyota Innova Crysta in question remained at the spot for quite some time after the MLA left it there. It is reported that he MLA was asked to pay a fees of Rs. 125. It, however seems that the MLA took things on his pride which later provoked the happenings.