MLA explains why loves his 20 year old Toyota Qualis so much [Video]

Toyota made their debut in the Indian market with Qualis multi utility vehicle. Within a short period of time, it became popular among buyers and became a common sight. It was later discontinued and replaced with Innova which is again, a very popular vehicle in the market. The Qualis was sold with two engine options in India: a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated diesel and a 2 liter naturally aspirated petrol. Both engines got 5 speed manual gearboxes, which drove the rear wheels. Even after so many years of its launch, there are still well kept examples of Qualis in India. Here we have a video that shows a 20 year old Toyota Qualis that is well maintained by its owner.

The owner of this vehicle is K.B. Ganesh Kumar who is an actor turned politician. He is currently the Member of the Legislative Assembly representing the Pathanapuram in Kollam, Kerala. He bought his Qualis in 2000 before he entered the politics. One of his close friend in the film industry had bought Qualis and Ganesh Kumar developed interest in Qualis after sitting inside it. He was impressed with the ride quality of the vehicle that is why he ended up buying one.

The Qualis was very rarely spotted on the roads during that time and because of this reason some of his political opponents had even spread rumours that Qualis was an expensive car and costs around 20-25 lakh whereas the original price of the vehicle at that time was around 6-7 lakh only. The vehicle is approximately 20 years old and it still has the original paint on it. Toyota Qualis is quite reliable too, and MLA mentions that it has never been in any sort of trouble due to this vehicle.

MLA explains why loves his 20 year old Toyota Qualis so much [Video]

The vehicle without any doubt is well maintained and all the electricals on the vehicle still work to the date. The politician still uses it as his daily drive and says that the vehicle is so familiar among the locals that he doesn’t even need the MLA board on his car. Ganesh Kumar loves his vehicles and has a special attachment towards the Qualis. He takes care of his vehicles as if it was a living thing and that is one of the reason why Qualis is still in such a good condition. He also said that he is not ready to sell this vehicle even if someone makes a tempting offer.

Via Manorama online

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