MLA’s BMW rear ends bus at high speed: Seatbelts & airbags save MLA & passengers

Ahmednagar City MLA and Nationalist Congress Party leader Sangram Jagtap escaped an accident involving his BMW X5 and a bus. The incident happened on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway today. No one was injured in the accident.

MLA’s BMW rear ends bus at high speed: Seatbelts & airbags save MLA & passengers

The incident happened early in the morning. The car met with an accident near the Bhatan Tunnel. The policemen say that the incident happened in the limits of Raigad district police limits.

There were four people travelling in the BMW X5 when the accident happened. According to the politician, a bus was on the extreme left lane of the expressway when it suddenly turned into the right lane and crossed the lane markings. The bus driver could have missed the diversion ahead for the road works.

The BMW hit the bus in the rear at high speed. The car got badly damaged. However, no one inside the car or on the bus got injured. Following the accident, the traffic slowed down in the area for hours. The normal flow was resumed only after the traffic police removed the vehicles from the road.

There are no reports of police investigating the case at the moment. It also seems like the bus driver did not flee the spot and waited for the matter to sort out.

It seems like a high-speed accident and because of the safety features in the BMW, the passengers got saved. There are no reports of any hospitalisation after this accident.

Early morning accidents are common

Night driving is preferred by many motorists to avoid the rush during the day. The human body is hard wired to fall asleep between 12 AM and 4 AM. Clearly, the accident took place during the hours when the body’s mechanism to stay alert is not at its best. The phenomena can also happen to a lot of people till sunrise as the body still tries to shut itself down to get some rest.

This is why one needs to be extra cautious while driving during early hours. It is always a good idea to avoid driving during these hours or remain vigilant.  Take periodic breaks if you are driving in the 12 AM-4 AM window. Washing your face periodically helps

Don’t keep driving when you start feeling sleepy. Take a quick nap, that helps you stay alert. It’s better to engage in some conversation with the front passenger so that you stay alert during night drives. In India, the accidents are quite common and claim one of the hig hest number of lives in the world.

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