Using mobile phone through Bluetooth, earphones illegal while driving/riding: Bangalore Police

While most of us know that using mobile phones while operating an automobile is illegal in India, the rule is still in the grey area. With the availability of modern devices like Bluetooth handsfree and infotainment systems, many of us do not know if we can use them legally while riding or driving. Bangalore Police have made these rules clear and will start issuing challans to anyone who is not following these laws properly. Here are the details.

Using mobile phone through Bluetooth, earphones illegal while driving/riding: Bangalore Police

Bangalore Police said that they will issue challans to any motorist who is using a mobile phone in any way. The fine amount is the minimum of Rs 1,000 that can be increased as per the violation.

Using earphones while driving

Using mobile phone through Bluetooth, earphones illegal while driving/riding: Bangalore Police

If you’re someone who uses headphones while driving or riding by placing them under the helmet then it is illegal according to the Bangalore Police. Even putting earphones under the helmet is illegal even if you’re not using them for a call. Even playing music through earphones while operating an automobile is illegal.

Similarly, if you put a mobile phone under the helmet, the police will issue a challan for doing just that. Even using Bluetooth devices is prohibited. As per the law, using any type of electronic gadget is illegal while riding a motorcycle or two-wheeler.

Talking on traffic signal

You have stopped at a traffic signal as the light has turned red. However, you still cannot use your mobile phone to talk. As per the law, talking on the phone at a traffic signal can affect other motorists. So if you are caught talking on the phone at a traffic signal, you will get a challan.

Even if the pillion rider holds the phone and holds it for the rider, it will be a violation. Talking in any way can distract the rider and other motorists on the road. That is why it is still a violation.

Similarly, if a co-passenger in the car is talking on the phone through the loudspeaker or the infotainment system, the driver cannot be a part of the conversation as it is a violation.

Listening to music and Google Maps!

As mentioned above, listening to music through headphones or Bluetooth devices while riding a two-wheeler is illegal. However, people travelling in the car can play music but after making sure that the music is not causing any disturbance to the fellow motorists. Using headphones even for music is a violation for both the car drivers and the two-wheeler rider.

The Police say that one can use Google Maps while driving or riding a two-wheeler. However, one cannot hold the phone while driving or riding while using the maps. One needs to install a phone holder that will allow one to position the phone to view the maps. Holding the phone while driving or riding is strictly prohibited.

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