What the Tata Nano would look like, if it were designed today!

Tata Nano, India’s most affordable car became a headline on many reputed international journals when it was launched in 2008. However, a series of events including the setting-up the factory for the car and then a few fire cases alongside the “cheapest” tag on the car played a major role on ensuring the failure of the car.

Due to the hype around the model, every single thing related to the Nano used to spread like wildfire. While Tata projected a big number for the Nano, the actual sales remained quite low from the expectations. Even the facelifted models could not attract the customers.

Sadly, Tata pulled the plug from the car last year, which again gathered a lot of attention from reputed publications around the world. However, what if Tata Nano came in 2019? What it could have looked like alongside the fabulous line-up of Tiago, Nexon, Harrier and Hexa in the market? Well, our in-house rendering artist Vipin Vithoopan has used tata’s Impact 2.0 design principles to create this 2020 Nano that shows you what a modern-day Tata Nano could look like.

What the Tata Nano would look like, if it were designed today!

Tata has adopted the latest IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy and the Tata Harrier is the first car to get the new theme. Soon cars like Tata Altroz will be launched in the market following the same design language. The Tata Nano seen in the rendering image shows how the car would have looked if Tata Nano was designed using the latest philosophy. Could a little Nano with Impact 2.0 design language work, if it were launched today? There is no way to know. It is impossible to re-design the current Nano to make it look like this, we think. The costs would be too high, if the company tried to do this from scratch.

The egg-shaped Nano came with a tallboy design. It ensured a lot of headroom and cabin space but made the vehicle look odd from the outside. Here the rendering image shows a very sleek looking Nano with the new-age LED headlamps and arrow-shaped DRLs. The windshield of the Nano is extremely raked that gives it a sporty look and it gets a blacked-out roof too,

The Tata Nano used a simple design theme but here we can see some deep creases on the body and a window-frame integrated rear door handlebar that adds a two-door look to the vehicle. The flat roofline with the aggressive window line of the Tata Nano ensures that it gets all the eyes on the roads. Tata’s production models often do not get good looking alloy wheels, which is why the model seen here gets the alloy wheels from Tata Altroz concept. At the rear, the large tail lamps can be seen spilling over to the sides of the hatchback too.

What the Tata Nano would look like, if it were designed today!

Tata Nano was an extremely practical vehicle and was made to provide a safe mode of transport at an affordable price to the two-wheeler riders. However, it really did not go as planned for the manufacturer. While we may see a reboot of the Nano moniker in the future, there are no plans from the manufacturer in the near future to bring back the hatchback.